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Video guide: Personal loans vs. credit cards

Need to borrow money? Personal loans vs. credit cards

If you need additional funds for any reason, a personal loan can be customised to suit your needs.

You can borrow a sum and repay it weekly, fortnightly or monthly over a loan term from a year to several years. It can be a much faster way to cover your costs than added them to your home loan or putting in on your credit card.

Typically personal loans have lower interest rates and fees than many credit cards, store cards and other lending schemes so it can be a more cost-effective and manageable way to get the things you want.

Unlike a credit card, with a personal loan you agree to repay the balance within an agreed timeframe, which can be great if you need some discipline to clearing debt. It can also save you a lot of money in interest!

Like cards, personal loans have definite upsides.  The time and paperwork involved in applying for a loan also makes impulse buys less likely, and while you won’t get the benefit of interest-free days, the combination of cheaper rates, fixed repayments and a set term can make personal loans a better value option for some people.

To learn more about personal loans click through to our complete step-by-step guides. Next step – what type of personal loan do you need?

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