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The pros and cons of margin lending

Before you consider a margin loan to sink your money into shares or managed funds, take a minute to consider the pros and cons of your investment choice.

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How margin loans work

Are you interested in investment funds? Margin loans are one way to purchase shares, but it's essential to understand the risks involved.

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BT Margin Loan

A BT margin loan from BT Financial Group and lets you borrow money to invest in securities or managed funds, using cash, shares or managed funds as security for the loan.

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Margin Loans Rates

When looking at the most important aspects of margin loans, rates and features are at the top of the list. Most borrowers look for affordable deals, but at the same time, want a margin loan that matches their investment plans and expectations.

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Margin Loan Interest Rates

Margin loan interest rates decide how much you will have to repay on your loan every month. Therefore, the lower the margin loan interest rates, the cheaper your repayments, which will allow you to gain higher profits from your investment.

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Margin Loan Interest Rate

The margin loan interest rate is a crucial part of a margin loan because it calculates the total amount that you will be repaying over its term. By comparing online, you may find the lowest rate in Australia and maximise your profits

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Loan Margins

Loan margins, or otherwise margin loans, provide you with the cash to invest in shares and managed funds by keeping your shares as security for the loan.

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Best Margin Loan

Find the best margin loan at RateCity comparing margin loans by type, interest, and amount, and then ranking results by their lowest rates. The best margin loan will have features such as a competitive low rate.

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