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The pros and cons of margin lending

Before you consider a margin loan to sink your money into shares or managed funds, take a minute to consider the pros and cons of your investment choice.

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How margin loans work

Are you interested in investment funds? Margin loans are one way to purchase shares, but it's essential to understand the risks involved.

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Margin Loan Account

Start a margin loan account to begin borrowing cash for your share market or managed fund investments. Your cash or shares are held in the account as security for the loan.

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Margin Loans Australia

When it comes to margin loans, Australia has a range of competitive rates and offers to help maximise your investment. What is a margin loan? Margin loans let you borrow money to invest in the share market and in managed funds.

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Margin Lenders

Margin lenders tend to lend just a portion of the total investment amount to protect against losses incurred in an investment plunge. The percentage that they are willing to lend is the loan to value ratio (LVR).

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Margin Lender

To protect against losses from a fall in the investment, margin lenders will only lend a portion of the total investment amount.

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Compare Margin Loans

Compare margin loans to discover the cheapest rates and most convenient features on margin loans all over Australia. In your comparison, consider your needs and limits, and find the best match for you.

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Margin Lending Loan

A margin lending loan lets you borrow to invest in shares and managed funds. By holding your investment as security for the loan, you are able to invest at higher volumes than you could otherwise afford.

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