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Compare and save with RateCity

Compare and save with RateCity

RateCity makes you smarter by comparison by easily allowing you to compare Australia’s top financial institutions. Taking the hassle out of finding the right financial products for you, we strive to save you time, leg work and money with our online comparison tools. 

It’s free to search, compare and apply through the site and results are instant and up to date.  

Using RateCity, you can compare a range of financial products from home loans, personal loans and car loans to credit cards and deposit accounts such as term deposits and savings accounts.

But not only is your money comparison made easy using RateCity, it can help make finding some insurance products simpler too with both health insurance and car insurance available to compare at the site.

We think it’s a quick, simple and friendly way to take control of your money!

The site is packed full of really helpful tips and tools including guides to help you prepare for taking out a new financial product or switching. For instance, the home loans guide runs through what you will need to consider when purchasing a home loan and help you to save some money in the process.

Then there is the news and articles section of the site, which will help ensure you’re up to date with the latest information affecting your choice of products.

We’ve also launched a new version of our home loans calculator that we think is industry-leading. Instead of just being able to put in details of a hypothetical home loan, you can now select an actual home loan product that’s available on the site, and see what it looks like in the calculator. You can vary the amount borrowed, time to repay and monthly repayments for actual products to see your savings or extra costs – money comparison made easy!

So go on give it a try; we’d love to get your feedback!

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