Can I take a second mortgage for home improvements?

If you’re looking for extra cash to start renovating, you may have considered taking out a second mortgage as an alternative to refinancing. Find out the pros and cons to using a second mortgage for home improvements. 

Can you buy a house with a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage allows people to borrow against their home’s equity. It’s sometimes an option used by older Australians. 

How does the interest rate affect mortgage payments?

If you’ve taken out a variable rate home loan and the interest rate changes, your monthly repayment amount will change. Understand how this works.

What are the tax benefits available to first-time homebuyers renting out their property?

Homeowners may qualify for tax deductions when they rent out the home and make improvements. They can also claim a deduction for loss in any equipment’s value. 

Can I use my super for a home loan deposit?

You could withdraw some of your super through the First Home Super Saver Scheme and use it for a partial home loan deposit but check if your lender accepts this.

What you should know about using super for home loan repayments

You can sometimes use super for mortgage repayments if you risk defaulting and losing your home or if you qualify for the First Home Super Saver Scheme. 

Factors affecting your mortgage rate

You may have seen mortgage interest rates advertised on lenders websites or sites like RateCity and wondered how they are set and how you can get a better deal.

Loans for first home buyers without any down payment: How they work 

Are you trying to buy your first property with no deposit? It may be possible, but it’s worth exploring all the available options. 

How to get pre-approval for a home loan as a first-time buyer?

While planning to buy your first home, it’s good to understand how much you’re eligible to borrow. Learn more about the process of getting pre-approval on your home loan. 

How can you get a home loan on a low income? 

Even if you’re on a low income, you can still fulfil your dream of owning a home and getting a home loan. Getting home loan approval with a low income and bad credit may just take a little extra effort.