Factors affecting your mortgage rate

You may have seen mortgage interest rates advertised on lenders websites or sites like RateCity and wondered how they are set and how you can get a better deal.

Loans for first home buyers without any down payment: How they work 

Are you trying to buy your first property with no deposit? It may be possible, but it’s worth exploring all the available options. 

How to get pre-approval for a home loan as a first-time buyer?

While planning to buy your first home, it’s good to understand how much you’re eligible to borrow. Learn more about the process of getting pre-approval on your home loan. 

How can you get a home loan on a low income? 

Even if you’re on a low income, you can still fulfil your dream of owning a home and getting a home loan. Getting home loan approval with a low income and bad credit may just take a little extra effort. 

Getting a home loan as a sole trader: Is it possible?

Many traditional lenders may not be willing to offer a home loan to sole traders. However, there are other lenders who can help borrowers with the right track record.

How long does a home loan pre-approval last?

A great way to speed up the home buying process is by getting pre-approval, but you may wonder how long does a home loan pre-approval last? Can it be extended if needed? Find out.

Take a Sledgehammer to your Mortgage Rate in 2021 | RateCity

Over the past two years, the official cash rate has fallen by a whopping 1.4%. Put simply, if you haven’t checked your mortgage rate during this time, you could be overpaying by an alarming amount.

What do I need to do after closing my home loan?

If you’ve repaid your home loan in full, you will go through the process of discharging or closing the loan. This process involves updating your home’s title and securing your sole ownership. It’s also a good time to examine your finances.

What are the various home loan prepayment advantages and considerations?

Paying off your mortgage faster and owning your home free and clear is a tremendous achievement. There are both benefits and drawbacks to closing your home loan early that are worth considering.

How can I secure a home loan with bad credit?

Having a bad credit score shouldn’t prevent you from applying for a home loan. However, credit issues do affect the type of home loan you can get.