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CQU property expert reveals home truths on housing affordability

Nick Bendel
Mar 7, 2019( 4 min read )

How I cut my home loan by 1.45 percentage points

I’ve just refinanced my home loan from one of the biggest mortgage lenders in Australia to one of the smallest. Why? I now have a much lower interest rate.

Nick Bendel
Feb 12, 2019( 4 min read )

First Home Owners Grant

RateCity Staff
Nov 25, 2018

Sydney a “tenant’s market”, but not every city

Alex Ritchie
Sep 19, 2018( 2 min read )

Why it’s now more important than ever to pay your debts on time

In 2014, the government introduced comprehensive credit reporting to Australia. This type of credit reporting has been used in the US and UK for many years.

Merrilyn Mansfield & Carmel Mansfield
Jul 17, 2018( 5 min read )

Warning: Part 9 Debt Agreements have serious consequences

With Australia’s household debt-to-income ratio being one of the highest in the world, individuals and families are finding it harder than ever to keep up with their repayments.

Merrilyn Mansfield & Carmel Mansfield
Jun 7, 2018( 9 min read )

10 questions to ask your mortgage broker

Getting a home loan can be a highly stressful experience, what with all the jargon and paperwork, not to mention the big dollars at stake.

Nick Bendel
May 25, 2018( 6 min read )

What is the Pension Loans Scheme?

The Pension Loans Scheme allows people who are at the age pension age to apply for a loan from the government to supplement their retirement, effectively functioning as a reverse mortgage.

Sally Tindall
May 9, 2018( 3 min read )

Three mistakes home buyers make

Steady house prices and low interest rates are encouraging would-be buyers into the property market.

RateCity Staff
May 2, 2018( 4 min read )

How to fix credit problems

Credit problems – who has them? If you’re reading this article, chances are you have, or you know someone who has.

Merrilyn Mansfield & Carmel Mansfield
Apr 11, 2018( 10 min read )

How to speak finance

Why do banks bombard us with incomprehensible jargon? And what’s with all those annoying acronyms?

Nick Bendel
Mar 20, 2018( 25 min read )

Fast track your way to mortgage freedom

Paying off your home loan early doesn’t just free up valuable cash and provide the security of outright home ownership. It will also save you a bundle in interest.

Alex Ritchie
Mar 14, 2018( 3 min read )

How to take out a home loan

There are three ways to take out a mortgage in Australia, whether you’re an owner-occupier who wants a principal-and-interest loan or an investor who wants an interest-only loan.

Nick Bendel
Feb 27, 2018( 5 min read )

How to talk your way to a lower interest rate

If you’re currently paying off a mortgage, there’s an interest rate cut waiting for you if you simply ask for it.

Alex Ritchie
Feb 21, 2018( 6 min read )

What is a comparison rate, and how is it calculated?

While many people talk about home loan interest rates, far fewer people talk about comparison rates. This is unfortunate, as home loan comparison rates can make a big difference when you’re estimating the costs of different mortgage options, whether you’re applying for your first home loan or refinancing.

Mark Bristow
Jan 24, 2018( 4 min read )

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