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How big is the home loan market in Australia?

One problem Australian home buyers don't face is a lack of home loan choices, in fact there is an overwhelming amount of competitive home loans in the Australian market today.

Five ways to pay off your home loan early

There’s a good chance your mortgage will be your biggest financial liability in life. So, it’s worth considering ways that could help you pay it off earlier to enjoy freedom from your mortgage sooner.

Does Australia have capped rate mortgages?

Search, compare and apply for some of the best value home loans on the market including capped rate mortgages. Capped rate mortgages protect borrowers from rising interest rates for a period of time.

Fixed vs variable rates: which is better, or can you have both?

Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing or purchasing an investment property, make sure you compare the best home loans on the market to see if home ownership is a good financial step for you.

How to beat debt by borrowing within your means

Like a rising current Aussie debt is skyrocketing with no relief in sight. Whether your credit weakness is owning a brand new home, having a wardrobe full of designer labels or a garage full of vintage cars, borrowing outside of your means is never advisable.

How Australia's mortgage market can benefit you

With a range of lenders offering hundreds of home loans in Australia, having a variety of options to compare greatly benefits home loan customers.

How long does a fixed home loan rate last?

Fixed loans are very popular items in the mortgage world, coming in and out of trend every year as interest rates change. But with future fluctuations being so unpredictable, how do we decide when to lock in a fixed loan for one or more years?

Should I pay off my mortgage early?

Paying off your mortgage early may not always be easy, but there may be benefits to consider, such as saving money on interest charges. 

How to choose your first home loan

Choosing your first home loan doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Discover how to be your own broker through the power of your phone. Here is how first home buyers can choose their ideal first home loan.

Credit scores can affect your home loan application - what you need to know

It’s important to get your finances in order before applying for a home loan. As well as thinking about your income, expenses, assets and liabilities, you may want to also consider your credit score, as this could affect how quickly our application gets assessed, and even whether you’ll be eligible for a some home loan products.