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How to layby a holiday

Layby a holiday: beat credit card interest rate fees

Heading away on a holiday is a real treat. But it’s not always a walk in paradise for your credit card.

Fortunately, there are a number of providers that enable you to chip away at the cost of a holiday, effectively placing it on layby. This is a great option if you’re keen to treat yourself — and perhaps your spouse or family — but don’t want to take your savings account on a trip to debt city.

Here are some handy ideas for holiday laybys — the only question left is, where will you go?


Whether you’ve got your eyes set on a Pacific cruise or fancy a wild week in Phuket, EASYSAVE Holidays could help you get there.

Partnering with the likes of Flight Centre and P&O Cruises, this organisation offers Aussies a wide selection of possible holidays.

But just how does it work? You’ll make low weekly payments leading up to your trip — by the time it rolls around 12 months later, you may well feel a sense of relief heading off, rather than worrying about your savings account.

You can set up a direct debit from your credit card or transaction account. Plus, there’s no requirement to fork out a lump sum deposit, making it easy to budget for, week by week.

Intrepid Travel

Another option is to book your next holiday with Intrepid Travel. You don’t necessarily have to pay upfront, which can help reduce the stress of booking a trip away, but you will need to pay a deposit.  

You can then spread out the balance over instalments leading up to your trip, bearing in mind that you’ll need to pay of the balance completely at least 60 days ahead of the trip.

It’s a great choice if you’re planning a European odyssey six months or one year down the track, but less so if you’re planning a last minute whirlwind New Year’s Eve trip.

Intrepid Travel offers over 1000 adventures spanning more than 100 countries, so whether you want to cycle and kayak around Cambodia, trek the Andes or sail around the Mediterranean, there’s a trip for you.

Worldwide Holidays

There’s another option available if you’re keen to lock in your work leave, organise your trip, but pay later.

Worldwide Holidays is a member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents and the Pacific Asia Travel Association and has offers for up to 49,000 hotels across the globe. 

And — you guessed it — it offers a layby service.

Your booking amount must be at least AUD $1,000 and you’ll need to come up with a 30 percent deposit. From there, you’ll make repayments via credit card, either weekly or monthly. Keep in mind that you need to get the ball rolling at least two months prior to your check-in date.

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