What happens if you don't have a credit score?

So, what happens if you don’t have a credit score? And how can you build up your credit history without risking falling into debt? Here are some helpful tips to guide you through developing your credit score.

How is Afterpay different to a credit card?

Whether you’re struggling financially, or just running a financial health check for the new financial year, you may be considering whether your credit card is still the best financial tool to make payments, or if you should switch to other methods like Afterpay.

Can you pay your taxes with a credit card?

If you owe money to the Australian Tax Office, or if you’re a sole trader or self-employed, you may be wondering if you can pay your taxes with your credit card.

When is the right time to pay off your credit card?

If you’ve been struggling financially and mentally with the pressures of credit card debt, you may feel the right time to pay it off was yesterday. But taking the steps today to pay down your debt is a better time than any to start.

Your money problems may be all in your head

Are you struggling with debt? Are your friends or family finding it hard to make ends meet?

How to check your credit rating

Applying for a home loan, credit card or mobile phone card? Whatever type of loan or credit you apply for, the decision to approve or reject your application will come down to your credit report.

What is the perfect credit score and how do I get it?

Many people don't give a lot of thought to their credit score until they need to borrow money. When you apply for credit, a lender will take into account your existing credit score to determine whether you are a high risk customer and how much money they should lend you. If they deem you to be high risk you could potentially be hit with higher interest rates or a straight-out refusal of your application.

No credit check credit cards

When you have a less than average credit score, searching for a credit card can feel like dodging an ‘approval’ mine field. However, you can still apply for a credit card online or in a branch with bad credit, and there are still credit card providers who will approve you – you just have to do your research first.

How to consolidate your credit card debt

Spreading your debt across different credit cards will only make it harder for you to manage, and means you will be accruing more interest rate charges. If you are feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place and want to break your credit card debt, consider consolidating your debt into one.

More stars file for bankruptcy

What do Mike Tyson and Donald Trump have in common? Bankruptcy can be declared for any number of reasons, and this just goes to show that no one is immune from financial trouble.

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What are the pros and cons of having multiple credit cards?

Many people love the convenience offered by credit cards. Rather than saving up cash over time to make a purchase, you can use your card to buy right now.

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