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Can I transfer my Amex Membership Rewards points to Qantas?

If you enjoy travelling, you can choose to turn your American Express Membership Rewards points into Qantas points to pay for your next vacation. However, to transfer your Amex points to Qantas, you need to be an Ascent Premium member.

Zip Pay vs. Afterpay: What you need to know before joining

Curious about two of the more popular BNPL platforms, Afterpay and Zip Pay? Let's explore their benefits, as well as how they differ from each other.

How to make the most of shopping, from comparison to cashback

However you choose to shop, it’s important to consider what the best strategies may be to get the most value for your money. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Does getting a second credit card hurt your credit score?

However, you may be wondering how this may affect your personal finances and does getting a second credit card hurt your credit score? Let’s explore what can affect your credit score and whether having multiple credit cards is good or bad for your credit history.

How to pay off your EOFY sales credit card bill

Every year, the end of financial year sales grow bigger and become more exciting. But come July and August, our new credit card bills can leave a bit of sting in the tail. Here's some helpful tips for your EOFY sales credit card bill.

Free vs paid: how to choose between low interest or interest-free credit cards

Is it better to choose a low-rate credit card or take advantage of zero per cent interest introductory credit cards? Let’s explore both options and help to discover which type may suit your financial needs.

Can I transfer someone else's credit card balance to mine?

If you want to help out someone struggling with high-cost credit card debt, you may want to take on the responsibility of repaying the balance. Although not common, some card companies allow you to transfer debt from another person. Find out more about the transfer of credit card balance.

What happens if my credit card is overdrawn?

If your credit card is overdrawn or you have hit your limit, new transactions will often be declined. Most card issuers will send you a text or email when you are about to hit your credit limit.

What happens to my credit card debt when I die?

You may be wondering whether your debt dies when you do. In many cases, it lives on and will need to be repaid before your family can inherit money.

How can I transfer money from my credit card to a bank account instantly?

If you need money in an emergency, your credit card is a great way to access some. Did you know you can make an online transfer from your credit card to a bank account?