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Decoding the David Jones Rewards program | RateCity

Enjoy various perks on your everyday spending at DJ’s with the David Jones Rewards Program. You could also earn points for your shopping at DJ’s with a David Jones credit card.

Can I transfer my frequent flyer points across different programs?

In most cases, frequent flyer memberships and their subsequent benefits are exclusive to the airline that they are affiliated with. However, there are exceptions. Some global airline alliances, such as oneworld, allow member airline’s frequent flyers to exchange points for flights and attain parallel status across their entire carrier network. In this guide we’ll explain which rewards programs allow you to transfer your points across different programs and how to do it.

How many points do you need for a business class seat?

RateCity research has found how many frequent flyer points you’d need to be bumped up to business class on a number of airlines including Qantas, Virgin Australia, Air New Zealand, Emirates and more.

Travel Money Cards vs Credit Cards

The days of carrying large wads of crumpled foreign bills in a wallet or purse while holidaying across the globe are mostly behind us. So, is it better to use a travel money card? Or are credit cards and debit cards still the way to go?

Can you use your credit card to pay your mortgage?

Most lenders won’t accept credit cards for mortgage repayment. Even if you can use your credit card to pay your mortgage, there are good reasons you may not want to.

How to find and compare ethical credit cards

When it comes to finding ethical credit cards, you may need to do a little research as these labels are not as obvious as superannuation funds. Let’s explore how you can go green for your credit card.

What happens if I don’t activate a credit card?

Most credit cards cannot be used until they are activated, but leaving a card unactivated also carries some fraud risk. Check if you can cancel the card.

What is a bad credit score and how does it affect you?

A bad credit score can make it challenging for you to be approved as a borrower, but you can work towards getting a better score.

Does applying for a credit card affect credit rating?

Your credit rating can be influenced by multiple factors, and sometimes simply applying for a credit card may negatively impact it. Learn how this works to protect your rating.

Can you transfer Velocity points back to a Flybuys account?

While you cannot transfer your Velocity points to your Flybuys account, you can use them to buy or upgrade tickets for domestic Virgin Australia flights.