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What happens if I don’t activate a credit card?

Most credit cards cannot be used until they are activated, but leaving a card unactivated also carries some fraud risk. Check if you can cancel the card.

What is a bad credit score and how does it affect you?

A bad credit score can make it challenging for you to be approved as a borrower, but you can work towards getting a better score.

Does applying for a credit card affect credit rating?

Your credit rating can be influenced by multiple factors, and sometimes simply applying for a credit card may negatively impact it. Learn how this works to protect your rating.

Can you transfer Velocity points back to a Flybuys account?

While you cannot transfer your Velocity points to your Flybuys account, you can use them to buy or upgrade tickets for domestic Virgin Australia flights.

How do I get Travel Credit on my Amex card?

While most American Express cards offer some kind of travel rewards, there are only a few cards that will give you Travel Credit. This credit could be used to book your flights, pay for a hotel stay, or even rent a car.

How to redeem my Velocity points?

A brief overview of how you can redeem your Virgin Velocity Frequent Flyer points for flights, travel, wine or retail. Plus, there's no joining fee for becoming a member of the Velocity Frequent Flyer program. 

How can I prevent my Qantas Frequent Flyer Points from expiring?

Find out when your Qantas points expire and what you can do to keep your account active. If you find that your Qantas points are about to expire, you can reset the clock by earning or spending a few points from your Qantas account.

How does American Express credit card travel insurance work?

What’s included in your Amex credit card travel insurance coverage depends on the type of card you hold. Having complimentary credit card travel insurance comes in handy at such times by automatically providing a cover for your trips.

What is a business credit card and how is it useful?

A business credit card is specifically designed for work or business spending. Discover the benefits and disadvantages of using a business credit card.

Demystifying the American Express Black Centurion Card

The American Express Centurion Card (also called the AMEX black card) is one of the most exclusive cards worldwide and is only available on an invitation basis. Let's explore some of the facts we know about this luxury credit card.