Managed funds near $3 trillion mark

Managed funds near $3 trillion mark

Australia’s managed funds industry grew 9.2 per cent during the last financial year, new data has revealed.

At 30 June 2017, the industry had $2.97 trillion of funds under management, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

That was 2.7 per cent higher than the March 2017 figure of $2.89 trillion and 9.2 per cent higher than the June 2016 figure of $2.72 trillion.

In historical terms, funds under management have grown:

  • 56.1 per cent over five years
  • 66.5 per cent over 10 years
  • 270.7 per cent over 15 years
  • 550.9 per cent over 20 years 


How are the funds invested?

Most of the money is invested in superannuation funds, according to this breakdown of unconsolidated assets of managed funds:

Asset type Share
Superannuation (pension) funds 79.2%
Public offer (retail) unit trusts 11.2%
Life insurance corporations 7.9%
Cash management trusts 1.2%
Common funds 0.4%
Friendly societies 0.2%

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