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Credit Cards

Credit card providers attracting spenders with balance transfer deals

The Christmas holidays are an expensive time of the year, which is why sometimes people max out their credit card in December and wonder in January how they’ll pay it off.

Home Loans

UBank makes it easier to manage your money

Would you like to be better at money? In that case, UBank may have come to your rescue.

Home Loans

Challenger lenders are taking the fight to the big banks

Thinking about taking out a home loan with one of Australia’s big four banks? Well, you might want to think twice.


Your super investment choices can make a big difference

Most Australians understand the importance of choosing the right superannuation fund.

Personal Loans

P2P investing could earn you higher returns

Down, down, interest rates are down. That’s great news for borrowers, but not so much for savers.

Car Loans

Lenders getting increasingly personal with their car loans

A growing number of car loan lenders are offering personalised interest rates.

Home Loans

You could save thousands of dollars by switching mortgages

Now is the perfect time for home loan borrowers to think about refinancing their mortgage.

Term Deposits

Are term deposits safe as houses?

If you’re saving for a home loan deposit, a term deposit could be a smart place to park your spare cash.


AustralianSuper delivers strong returns

Australia’s largest industry super fund has delivered the highest return over the past five years for balanced options.

Credit Cards

A 0% interest balance transfer might solve your credit card problem

Credit card debt can be crippling, because high monthly interest charges can make it hard to pay down the principal.