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NAB follows suit in hiking interest-only rates

NAB follows suit in hiking interest-only rates

National Australia Bank has followed Westpac and ANZ, hiking rates for mortgage holders making interest-only repayments, while reducing rates for owner-occupier customers paying off their loan.

Investors and owner-occupiers who opt for interest-only will have to stump up an extra $102 a month, or $1,224 a year, based on the average loan size of $350,000 over 30 years.

Owner-occupiers paying principal and interest have been given a small reprieve with $17 a month off their repayments, a saving of $204 a year.

Regulator impacting the mortgage market

RateCity money editor Sally Tindall said today’s changes were once again attributed to APRA’s new regulatory requirements.

“An astounding 41 per cent of loans on the big four banks’ books are interest-only. That’s a huge proportion of Australians who aren’t paying off a single cent of debt.

“It’s no wonder APRA is coming down hard. They want Australian mortgage holders to go on a debt diet.

“Paying interest-only, particularly when you are an owner-occupier, is an expensive business.

“The average owner-occupier who elects to pay interest-only for the first five years of their loan will pay $67,810 extra to NAB over the life of their loan.

“When you look at the big picture, a couple of hundred dollars in savings each month pales in comparison to the long-term benefits of paying down debt,” she said.

NAB standard variable rate changes

Old rateNew rateChangeOld monthly repaymentsNew monthly repaymentsMonthly change
Owner-occupier P&I5.32%5.24% -0.08% $1,948$1,931-$17
Owner-occupier IO5.42%5.77% 0.35% $1,581$1,683$102
Investor P&I5.80%5.80% N/A$2,054$2,054$0
Investor IO5.90%6.25% 0.35% $1,721$1,823$102

Big four banks – current standard variable rates

Owner-occupier P&IOwner-occupier IOInvestor P&IInvestor IO

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