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Who is still offering low-rate home loans after the August 2022 rate hike?

For the fourth month in a row, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) raised the national cash rate at its August meeting. Many mortgage lenders have already passed this rate hike on to their customers, so where can you still find a low home loan interest rate?

Rates have hiked: What can I expect when my fixed rate period ends?

With home loan interest rates on the rise thanks to cash rate hikes from the RBA, mortgage holders sitting on fixed rates may be breathing a sigh of relief. But there’s a chance that there could be a sting in the tail at the end of each fixed rate term, which borrowers may need to watch out and prepare for.

Sweeten your refinance: 30 cashback home loan deals up for grabs in August

This month, there are 30 cash back deals on offer for refinancers and two for new purchases. If the cash rate hikes have you considering refinancing, compare cash back deals to sweeten the process.

Over 20 lenders have hiked home loan interest rates: is your bank on the list?

Several lenders have announced they are passing on the latest RBA cash rate hike in full to customers. Homeowners may wonder how much this latest increase will hurt their household budgets, and if they can reduce the impact of higher rates?

NAB hikes variable mortgages and main savings accounts

Australia’s third largest lender, NAB, has announced it is passing on the full RBA hike to variable mortgages and its main savings accounts.

Westpac hikes variable mortgages and all key savings accounts

Westpac has today announced it will hike variable rate mortgages by 0.50 percentage points for new and existing customers.

ANZ follows CBA’s lead, hiking variable mortgages but leaving most savers in the cold

ANZ has followed CBA’s lead, hiking variable rate mortgages and one savings account by the full 0.50 percentage points.

CBA hikes variable mortgages but leaves some savers out to dry

Australia’s biggest bank, CBA, has finally announced it will pass on the full 0.50 percentage point hike to its variable home loan customers and some savings customers.

Macquarie increases mortgage and savings rates following RBA hike

Macquarie Bank is the first major lender to announce it will pass on the full double RBA hike to borrowers and savers.

New lending takes a $1.41 billion dive, amid record refinancing

The value of new home loans has fallen by $1.41 billion to $30.97 billion in June, as property prices in key capital cities fall.