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How could a property peak affect your home loan?

With Australia’s owner occupiers taking out bigger home loans, and signs pointing to national housing values potentially approaching a peak, what risk could home owners face if they were to come face to face with a downturn in the future?

New home loan values reach record highs across Australia

The national average mortgage size for owner-occupiers has reached a record high of $595,568 according to new ABS data. Records were broken in every state and territory except WA.

Australians went on a record breaking $25.7 billion credit card spending-spree in November – but can they pay it back now?

Australians went on a huge shopping-spree in November making almost $69 billion of transactions on their credit cards and debit cards in November – the highest values since records began in 2002.

Australia’s lowest fixed rate of 1.59% is now gone: what’s in store for 2022?

The lowest fixed home loan rate on record has hiked today, ending an era for ultra-low rates.

Homeowners almost 4-years ahead on mortgage repayments

Homeowners across Australia are almost four years ahead on their home loan repayments on average, thanks to low interest rates and forced-savings habits from COVID-19.

How to switch and save in 2022

It’s important to use the best financial products and services for your personal situation. But since our personal situations have likely changed significantly over the past two years, how can you be confident that your previous choices are still up to date?

NAB hikes again as fixed rates with a ‘3’ start to become the norm

Australia’s third largest bank, NAB, has lifted fixed rates by up to 0.10 per cent today for owner-occupiers and investors.

Some of the best home loans for investors and refinancers in December 2021

The end of one calendar year and the beginning of another can be a good opportunity to step back, take stock and reassess things. This includes your home loan, which may no longer suit your financial situation quite as much as it used to. Comparing home loans will allow you to get a better idea of which mortgage lenders have home loan offers that may best suit your needs.

Australia’s biggest bank hikes fixed rates 4 times in 2 months

Australia’s largest bank, CBA, has increased fixed rates for owner-occupiers and investors for the fourth time in just over two months.

New lowest home loan rate of 1.58%, but there’s a catch

There’s a new rock-bottom introductory rate on the home loan market, and it’s a timely reminder for homeowners to look at the fine print and compare their options.