RBA keeps cash rate on hold – so why are home loan rates still changing?

While lenders have made a flurry of cuts to 2- and 3-year fixed rates in the last month, there has been an increase in the number of lenders hiking 4-year fixed rates.

Aussie property prices skyrocket: fastest increase since 1988

Housing prices across the country surged at the fastest increase in 32 years to a new record high. And the current low-rate environment is fuelling the property market fire.

No records broken as home lending makes an unexpected drop in February

The value of new owner-occupier loans dropped almost 2 per cent from the record high reached in January. Compared to the same time last year, however, new lending was up 55 per cent, according to the seasonally adjusted ABS data.

D-Day for JobKeeper: what Australians can do to help survive a drop in income

It’s D-day for the million Australians receiving JobKeeper with COVID relief payments finishing. As a result, Treasury estimates up to 150,000 people could find themselves unemployed.

How a cashback deal may help cut the cost of refinancing

Research from RateCity shows that a borrower taking advantage of cashback deals may break even before they’ve made their first new mortgage repayment and be $1,398 better off from refinancing.

CBA cuts 1- & 2-year fixed rates but hikes 4-year loans: a sign of things to come.

The most significant change was the hike to its four-year fixed rate. This is the first big four bank to hike its four-year owner-occupier rate since October 2019 – a sign the bank is pricing in a higher cash rate from 2024.

Three reasons a home loan calculator can help you land your dream house

Most Australian borrowers will use a mortgage calculator at some point on their buying journey. Whether it’s to work out how much you can afford to borrow, or how much the repayments would cost for different home loan interest rates, a home loan calculator may be able to help you get into the property you want, sooner.

Some of the best mortgages for investors in March 2021

With Australian property prices hitting record highs, and home loan interest rates reaching record lows, it’s no surprise that borrowing and buying activity has been accelerating of late. And it’s not just first home buyers experiencing fear of missing out (FOMO) on low rates, but investors too.

Property prices soar: how long will it take to save a deposit in your capital city?

RateCity research has crunched the numbers on how long it may take to save a deposit in your capital city, based off of current CoreLogic median dwelling prices for February 2021.

NAB cuts fixed rates, again

Australia’s third largest bank has cut its lowest 2-year fixed rate to 1.89 per cent today – a cut of 0.15 per cent.