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Home loan deferrals increasing, hardship support triples

If your household has been experiencing the negative economic impacts of COVID-19, you’re not alone, with an increasing number of Australians requesting hardship support on home and business loans, according to the ABA.

RBA governor won’t raise rates to cool house prices

Australia’s national cash rate will be staying on hold until at least 2024, with the governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) recommending that other avenues be considered to address rising house prices.

NAB hikes fixed rates

Australia’s third largest bank, NAB, has today hiked fixed rates by up to 0.30 per cent for terms of 3 years and above.

Home loan cashback deals for September 2021

With so many Aussie homeowners looking to refinance their mortgages, cashbacks have remained a popular perk offered by lenders to attract refinancing customers. Let’s explore some of the home loan deals on offer for September 2021.

Some of the best home loans in September 2021

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) kept the nation’s cash rate on hold at its meeting this month. Despite the cash rate remaining steady for the year to date, several Australian mortgage lenders have been adjusting their home loan interest rates out-of-cycle from the RBA, pushing up fixed rates while competing to slash variable rates.

Variable home loans – the new battleground for banks

While fixed home loan rates are largely on the rise, an increasing number of lenders are cutting variable rates in a bid to win new customers.

External refinancing soars as first home buyers drop like flies

The value of external refinancing has hit another high in the month of July as mortgage holders chase better home loan rates.

The emotional cost of buying your first home

A recent report has revealed that a significant percentage of Australia’s first home buyers (FHBs) are under financial and emotional stress, with some ‘losing hope altogether’, and others believing that seeking help from their family is a sign that they have ‘failed.’

Westpac cuts variable intro rate to 1.99% but hikes fixed rates

Westpac has today become the first big four bank to offer a variable home loan rate under 2 per cent, however the rate is only introductory.

Some of the best home loans for refinancers and investors in August 2021

A recent Commonwealth Bank study found that home buying intentions declined in July 2021. Considering that much of the country is experiencing lockdown conditions, and many of us are accessing hardship assistance, it makes sense that buying a home or a car may be far from the first thing on our minds.