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Car insurance before buying a used car

Insuring a car before you buy it is often recommended, especially if the car is a used car. Find out how you can do it.

Car insurance for learner drivers

If you are a learner driver, there are several options for getting car insurance. It may be cheaper to add yourself to a parent’s existing policy. Find out how.

What does insurance cover if your car is stolen?

So, your car was stolen. Now what? If your car is insured, the chances of recovering it are much greater. Here’s what you need to know about how insurance can pay for a stolen car.

Can you insure a car that’s been written off?

A badly-damaged car is often written-off by the insurer. But how difficult is insuring a car that has been written off? This will depend on the terms of the policy and the extent of the damage. But it may be possible.

How does transferring car insurance work?

If you plan to sell your car and buy another one, a car insurance transfer is one thing to consider. It might be helpful to understand how to transfer a car insurance policy and the various factors involved.

How do insurance companies work out how much your car is worth?

If you’ve totalled your car, you might be wondering how insurance companies value it. See the process and the ways insurers make their estimate.

What is commercial car insurance?

Do you use your vehicle for your business? Here’s how you can get commercial car insurance for your own and employees’ vehicles.

How to get cheap car insurance for teens

Car insurance is usually more expensive for teenagers, and special policies typically don’t exist. You can look for discounts or get yourself added to your parent’s policy.

Getting car insurance after a drink driving conviction in Australia

You may be wondering if you can get car insurance after a drink driving conviction in Australia. Check the terms and conditions and learn if you can reduce your premium.

Do you know these tips to save money on car insurance?

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) car insurance is mandatory, but it need not be a burden on your wallet. You should explore how to lower your car insurance premium.