Reduce Home Loans

Since 2010, Reduce Home Loans has been providing Australian customers with accessible fixed and variable low rate home loans. Being an online-only lender, Reduce Home Loans has no branches, however it does have a nationwide network of mobile bankers to assist customers with loan enquiries. Having fewer overheads than traditional banks means that Reduce Home Loans customers get access to better rates and fewer fees.

Reduce Home Loans have won numerous awards by Money magazine and Your Mortgage.

  • Low interest rates.
  • Flexible loan options.
  • Loans are suitable to borrowers with smaller deposits.
  • Some loans have low fees.
  • No branch access.
  • Loans have application fees.
Reduce Home Loans customer service:

As Reduce Home Loans is an online-only lender, customers won’t have access to bricks and mortar branches. Customers can contact Reduce Home Loans by calling the customer contact centre, emailing the bank directly or by filling out an online enquiry form. Home loan applicants will be assigned a personal finance manager who will guide them through the process all the way to settlement. Customers are also able to chat with a support representative through the Reduce Home Loans website.

✓     Customer service centre (phone)

✓     Email

✓     Live Chat

✓     Mobile banking staff

Reduce Home Loans Home Loan Calculator

Mortgage Balance

Monthly Repayment

Interest Rate


Remaining loan term:

26 years and 8 months

Savings over 10 years

Reduce Home Loans Home Loans

How to Apply

Borrowers wanting to apply for a Reduce Home Loan can either complete a loan enquiry form online or call customer support for assistance with the application. Before applying for a Reduce Home Loans home loan, think about what you can afford to borrow and what other costs you need to consider. To apply for a Reduce home loan, you will need to supply the following information:

  • Personal identification material.
  • Proof of income and employment.
  • Information regarding your current debts, liabilities and assets.
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