Star Ratings


CANSTAR star ratings are a consumer-friendly benchmark that help you compare financial products based on their rates and features. They evaluate literally thousands of products from hundreds of finance institutions. Products offering superior value are awarded five stars.

Only the top 5-10% of products scored using the CANSTAR star ratings methodology are awarded the prestigious five star status. As a consumer, this is great start towards finding yourself a high-performance product.

The rising star status is given to products which do not meet the criteria for being rated (perhaps they have only been on the market for six months), but show potential to score highly in the near future.

Star Ratings

Star Rating Reports:

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When calculating star ratings, CANSTAR takes into account factors such as historical interest rate performance, fees, features and other details pertinent to each product category. For full details on how they calculate star ratings, refer to the methodology at the end of each star ratings document.


They do the research to save you time! Star ratings help you to efficiently narrow down your product choice to a few options which might best suit your needs.

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