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Credit cards are a popular choice when it comes to personal finance. They can help you keep track of your spending and give you the freedom to make larger purchases, especially if you choose a card with interest-free days. You might be asking yourself a few questions on your search for credit cards with interest-free days.

What are interest-free days?

Interest-free days refer to the number of days you can purchase goods before being charged interest on those purchases. For example, you may be offered 55 interest-free days, meaning you can use your credit card to make purchases without having to pay it back for up to 55 days.

How many interest-free days do you usually get?

The number of interest-free days you’ll receive can vary from card to card. Typically, the number of interest-free days ranges anywhere from 50-62 days. If you value interest-free days, you might consider choosing a card with over 55 days of interest-free spending.

Are there limitations to using credit cards with interest-free days?

The benefit of more interest-free days typically comes with a few conditions. For example, some credit cards will take away your interest-free days if you don’t pay your balance by the due date on your statement. It’s also worth noting that your interest-free days align with your payment cycle rather than the purchase date. This means that not every purchase you make will be interest-free for the full interest-free period.

What happens if you don’t pay your bill during the interest-free days?

After your interest-free period expires, the purchases that you haven’t yet paid off will begin to charge interest. If you tend to pay your bill in full each month, you might not worry about racking up interest charges. However, if you don’t usually pay your bill in full and on time, you could end up paying interest each month.

How do you find a credit card with interest-free days?

Many credit card providers offer interest-free days as a benefit of choosing their card. It’s great to compare credit cards with interest-free days before making your choice. When comparing, don’t forget to check for any fees that might accompany the card.

What fees do credit cards charge?

A few common fees are an annual fee, late payment fee and foreign transaction fee. Annual fees vary, with some cards charging a few hundred dollars and others charging nothing at all. Credit cards with no annual fee don’t charge for the convenience of having your card but might not provide the same benefits as cards with higher annual charges.

Most credit cards have a fee for late payments. This charge will be added if you can’t pay or forget to pay your bill. These fees can range from $0 to upwards of $30, so you might want to check the late payment fee before you choose a credit card.

Foreign transaction fees might be added to your purchases when shopping overseas. If you’re an avid traveller, consider searching for a card without a foreign transaction fee.



A credit card is a payment method which lets you pay for goods and services without using your own money. It’s essentially a short-term loan which lets you borrow the bank’s money to pay for things which you can pay back – potentially with interest – at a later date. Credit cards can also be used to withdraw money from an ATM, which is known as a cash advance. Because you’re borrowing money from a bank, credit cards charge you interest on the money you use (unless you repay the entire debt during the interest-free period). When you apply for a credit card, the bank gives you a credit limit which sets the maximum amount you can borrow using your card. Credit cards are one of the most popular methods of payments and can be a convenient way of paying for goods and services in store, online and all around the globe.

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