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What is a Protected Loan?

23rd of April 2008

Borrowing as a way to fast-track wealth creation is a strategy extolled by various financial experts. Indeed, few of us would ever own our own homes without borrowing money, so borrowing to invest in assets such as shares should, in theory, be okay. After all, it takes a lot less money to buy shares than it does to purchase a home.

Margin Loans Demystified

21st of February 2008

Ever heard your fellow office workers jabbering on about margin loans around the water cooler? Perhaps you’ve felt the urge to get in on the action yourself, and stop spending so much money on very-vanilla lattes? They’re tasty, yes, but they won’t help your bank balance and, despite what you may think at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, they’re not essential for your survival.

Alternative investments that don't cost a fortune

12th of February 2008

With interest rate rises driving mortgages further out of reach for first time buyers, what options are left? If you have a bit of spare cash and it’s not enough for a deposit on a home but it’s too much to leave gathering dust in a bank account, why not think about the stock market?


20th of September 2006

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Lowest Rate

19th of September 2006

Search, compare and apply for the lowest rate margin loans to find the most affordable solutions in Australia. Compare lowest interest margin loans by interest rate and amount, as well as fixed and variable loans.