What the Researchers Say:

A "good value for money" superannuation fund that is strong in nearly all assessment areas but with average or below average features and/or performance in one or more of our assessment criteria.

You should contact your financial adviser or this fund before making an investment decision.

  • MySuper Gold
Fund data valid as of May 31, 2017

Typical Fees

Balance This Fund Industry Average Difference
5k $115 $152 -$37
50k $448 $601 -$153
100k $818 $1,106 -$288

Investment Allocation

Intl shares 29.0%
Aus shares 24.0%
Property 11.5%
Alternative 17.5%
Fixed interest 14.0%
Cash 4.0%

Fees & Charges

Administration Fee ($) $78
Administration Fee (%) 0.20%
Investment Fee 0.54%
Switching Fee $30
Exit Fee $60
Account Size Discount Yes
Employer Size Discount No

Fund Features

Financial Planning Service
Health Insurance
Home Loans
Credit Cards
Binding Nominations
Non-lapsing Binding Nominations
Insurance Life Event Increases
Anti-detriment Payments
Long Term Income Protection

About this Fund

Membership 101,798
Total Assets $3,754,440,701
Year Started 2013
Target Market All Industries
Offered to Public? Yes
Fund Type Industry-MySuper

Fund Highlights - provided by Tasplan MySuper

Tasmania's largest multi industry fund so members can use it wherever they work
Full time local representatives available to support businesses and members & free general advice on superannuation issues on a Tasplan account
A fixed competitive administration fee
Ancillary benefits can be accessed by members of Tasplan

What the researchers say

Originally established in 1987 for Tasmanian corporate employees, Tasplan Super has been a public offer industry fund since 2007. With the aim to create a single Tasmanian super fund, Tasplan Super merged with Quadrant Super in November 2015 and the RBF Accumulation Scheme in April 2017.

Tasplan OnTrack is the fund's MySuper default option. With four diversified investment options (Build, Sustain, Control and Maintain options) included, this strategy is designed to automatically adjust a member's investment mix based on their age. As the Tasplan OnTrack was introduced in December 2016, both short and long term performance history are not yet available. Choice members can also access ten additional investment strategies.

Fees for the rated Tasplan OnTrack Sustain option are lower than the industry average across all assessed account balances, with the Member Administration fee capped at $500 p.a. No commissions are paid to financial advisers. However, transaction fees apply for switches, contribution splitting and withdrawals.

Age-based Basic Cover for Death & TPD are provided to eligible members upon joining, excluding Tasmanian government employees and former RBF Accumulation Scheme members who are insured under separate insurance arrangements. Members can also apply to increase their cover and add optional Income Protection insurance.

Members can access fee for service financial planning through Quadrant First in Tasmania and Link Advice in other states, as well as free health and well-being seminars. Tasplan's new look website offers interactive features, which contain improved fact sheets, calculators, and educational material such as 'Women & Super' video podcasts assisting members in their engagement.