What the Researchers Say:

A "reasonable value for money" superannuation fund that is performing well in a number of assessment areas but with average or below average features and/or performance in a number of other areas of our assessment.

You should contact your financial adviser or this fund before making an investment decision.

  • Silver
Fund data valid as of March 31, 2016

Typical Fees

Balance This Fund Industry Average Difference
5k $120 $155 -$35
50k $313 $628 -$315
100k $528 $1,158 -$630

Investment Allocation

Intl shares 20.0%
Aus shares 33.0%
Property 7.0%
Fixed interest 30.0%
Cash 10.0%

Fees & Charges

Administration Fee ($) $98
Administration Fee (%) 0.00%
Investment Fee 0.43%
Switching Fee $0
Exit Fee $0
Account Size Discount No
Employer Size Discount No

Fund Features

Financial Planning Service
Health Insurance
Home Loans
Credit Cards
Binding Nominations
Non-lapsing Binding Nominations
Insurance Life Event Increases
Anti-detriment Payments
Long Term Income Protection

About this Fund

Total Assets $631,771,173
Year Started 2002
Target Market All industries
Offered to Public? No
Fund Type Master Trust-Personal

Fund Highlights - provided by Bendigo SmartStart Super - Personal Division

A low cost, easy to understand and easy to manage superannuation and pension solution that offers a range of simple and convenient investment options and a range of competitively priced group insurance options. It's smart on fees and its lifecycle MySuper investment strategy allows the customer to 'set and forget' their super until it's time to for them to retire by changing a member's risk profile based on their age. Bendigo SmartStart has been designed to meet all stages of a customer's life whether they are starting out, moving up, doing business, looking to retire or in retirement.

Fund Rating Snapshot

  • Legend:
  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Average
  • Below Average
  • N/A

Rating Categories Clockwise from top

Performance is based on the past 5 years for their core balanced option
Investment Choices
Points scored on additional benefits to members ie: Home loans, Credit Cards, Health Insurance, Reverse Mortgage, shopping discounts, anti detriment payments and many others
Investment Processes
Points scored on contribution collection, via cheque, cash, Eftpos, Bpay, direct debit and other features
Small Account Fees
Points scored on the fees and charges based on an account size of $5k
Medium Account Fees
Points scored on the fees and charges based on an account size of $50k
Large Account Fees
Points scored on the fees and charges based on an account size of $100k
Death Insurance
Points scored on premium costs and features for Death Insurance ie: Min/Max level of cover, cover available during unpaid, whilst overseas, max age and other features
Death and TPD Insurance
Points scored on premium costs features for Death and TPD Insurance ie: Min/Max level of cover, cover available during unpaid, whilst overseas, max age and other features
Income Protection Insurance
Points scored on premium costs features for Income Protection insurance ie: Min/Max level of cover, cover available during unpaid, whilst overseas, max% on monthly salary, waiting days available and other features
Member Services
Points scored on additional benefits offered to members ie Statement frequency and newsletter communications and other features
Administration Services
Points scored on the fund structure ie switching between investments, selecting regular contributions, nominated beneficiary changes, changing insurance options. For Service features like call centre, adviser services reports and many other features.
Financial Advice
Points scored on features in respect to financial advice facilities offered ie, by phone, internet, face to face, cost of scaled advice and others.
Points scored on Trustee structure, number of independent directors , renumeration and proxy voting policy and risk

Score Explanation

Excellent: Score of 75%-100%
Premium performer in this area. Well above benchmark.
Good: Score of 51%-74%
Better than most funds. Above benchmark
Average: Score of 26%-50%
Placed close to benchmark
Below average: Score of below 25%
Not quite up to speed. Lower than benchmark.

What the researchers say

Bendigo SmartStart Super is a sub-plan of The Bendigo Superannuation Plan which was established in 1988. Designed for individuals and self-employed people; Bendigo SmartStart Super aims to provide a low-cost and easy-to-use solution for its members.

Bendigo SmartStart Super offers members an investment menu consisting of 10 Diversified options and 1 Cash option. Past performance of the fund is not readily available and therefore cannot be accurately measured against the relevant SuperRatings Indices.

The fee structure for Bendigo SmartStart Super is competitive, with fees are lower than the industry average across all account balances assessed. There are no exit fees and members can switch between investment options at no cost.

Bendigo SmartStart Super provides members with a full suite of insurance including unlimited Death Only cover and Total & Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover up to $5 million. Income Protection (IP) cover offers up to a maximum of 75% of salary plus super contributions, with 30 or 90 day waiting periods and benefit periods of 2 years or to age 65.

The Fund offers members access to financial planning services, comprehensive online educational materials and the ability to view account details and perform transactions through the fund's website.

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