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Becoming a shareholder is easier than ever

Becoming a shareholder is easier than ever

People are coming back to the sharemarket in droves – with new investor’s sniffing out profits from Australia’s biggest corporate groups.

Online trading is booming as investors embrace the latest technology which is allowing share investors to quickly and easily buy and sell shares and manage their portfolio from their smartphones.

And the results are showing, online stockbroker CommSec’ latest data revealed its daily share trades have increased around 30 percent from longer-term averages, with approximately 2000 new accounts being opened each week.

The largest share growths in the last year were in the major stocks, with Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, Wesfarmers and Westpac seeing sharp inclines in the past year.

CommSec general manager for distribution Brian Phelps told news.com.au, “Right now a lot more confidence seems to have come back to Australian investors, and that didn’t exist two years ago.”

Technology and investing

Today, over 50 percent of investment traders are buying and selling shares on their smartphones or tablets, according to Investment Trends.

Alot of the major stock traders now have online investment apps which can be downloaded onto investor’s smartphone devices so they can quickly and easily trade in shares, manage their portfolio and see live prices.

Social media sites, such as Twitter, are also becoming another thriving investment tool with stock traders using it as a platform to get instant, real-time information across to their investors.

Ofcourse, the ease of technology doesn’t mean new investors shouldn’t do their own thorough research on stocks before diving in.  

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