Can I request an early release of super for mortgage payments?

You can apply for early release of super for mortgage repayments in limited circumstances. Check how much you can withdraw if you’re eligible and how to apply.

What is an employer’s superannuation contribution liability?

All employers are required by law to make certain contributions to their employees’ super funds. These contributions are a percentage of the worker’s wages.

What is the bring-forward rule in superannuation?

You may consider boosting your superannuation account by maximising your contributions using the bring-forward rule. Learn more about how this rule works and who is eligible for it.

Can you make superannuation contributions after retirement?

Are you planning to rejoin the workforce after retiring? Learn how you can keep making superannuation contributions after retirement.

Why should you consider making voluntary after-tax superannuation contributions?

It’s mandatory for your employer to make super contributions on your behalf, but how can you increase your super faster? Learn how to increase your super through voluntary superannuation contributions.

How can I claim unpaid superannuation contributions from my employer?

If your employer isn’t contributing to your super fund as required, you can report them to the Australia Taxation Office.

What are personal superannuation contributions?

Personal superannuation contributions are deposits into your super fund made from money you’ve paid tax on. They’re also called non-concessional contributions.

Do you get superannuation while on long service leave?

If you’ve worked for the same employer for many years, you may be due for paid long service leave and you may receive super benefits for your time off. Read on to find out more. 

What you should know about superannuation benefits

‘Superannuation benefits’ refers to the money you’ve saved that’s paid out when you retire. There are conditions around when you can access your benefits. 

What your employer should know about superannuation due dates

Employers required to make superannuation guarantee contributions should ensure payments are received by the super fund every quarter by the specified due date.