How important is the performance of a super fund?

Despite too often being disregarded, one of the most important factors of your super fund is the investment return that it makes, known as its performance.

Why you should consider your super

When was the last time you thought seriously about your super fund? While our superannuation is often one of the most significant financial assets of our lifetime, many of us barely consider it until we’re thinking seriously about retiring, which is often too late to make significant changes.

Super funds that offer income protection

In a (mostly) post-pandemic, pre-recession world, many Australians are thinking about their financial futures. While you may be looking at setting up an emergency savings account, or checking if your superannuation balance will be enough to cover your retirement, these might not be enough if you were to find yourself unable to work for an extended period due to illness or injury.   

How much money do you get on the pension?

The standard age pension for Australians is $894.40 per fortnight for singles and $1,348.40 per fortnight for couples.

How to know if you can afford to retire

While there’s no set-in-stone timeframe, you can help calculate whether you can afford to retire based on a few factors.

How millennials can become millionaires

The media is full of stories about how millennials are doomed to live poverty-stricken lives. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

How do I consolidate my superannuation accounts?

Many Australians have multiple superannuation accounts, which they’ve acquired after swapping jobs during their career.

What are industry superannuation funds?

Industry superannuation funds are funds that are owned by members rather than shareholders.

What is the superannuation guarantee?

The superannuation guarantee rate is the minimum percentage of your salary that your employer must pay into your superannuation fund.

What happens to my superannuation if I divorce?

You or your partner could be forced to surrender part of your superannuation if you divorce, just like with other assets.

What is salary sacrificing?

Finding additional ways to increase your super balance could help you live a comfortable post-working life. This is where making salary sacrifices comes into play.

What is an SMSF?

An SMSF is a self-managed superannuation fund. SMSF members directly invest their own retirement savings, instead of paying others to do it on their behalf.

Changes to the pension asset test to come into effect Januar

For those who receive, or that are planning to receive the aged pension, it would pay to double check your eligibility in light of changes to the asset test that will come into effect in the new year.