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What NBN speed do I need?

NBN speed is calculated in megabytes per second (Mbps). This is a universal measurement of how fast data travels along the network and an indicator of the maximum downloadable speed.

How can the NBN benefit your business?

A speedier internet connection can make life easier for businesses, as it can make completing day-to-day tasks simpler and more efficient. Discover the key benefits of the technology and how NBN could benefit your business.

What you need to know about NBN evening speed

NBN evening speed refers to a period (generally at night, typically between 7pm and 11pm) when the internet tends to slow down because of increased traffic—i.e. everyone hopping online at once to surf the web or stream their favourite shows.

What’s the difference between ADSL and NBN?

With Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) having been rolled out across the country, older ADSL and cable internet technologies have been largely phased out. So how exactly is your connection to the NBN an upgrade from the ADSL or cable service you used to enjoy?


Each of these terms refers to an option for connecting your home to the NBN. While they may sound interchangeable, each option can make a big difference to your home broadband service, and what the best NBN plans to suit your needs may be. 

How to access the NBN when renting

While renting your home can provide some flexibility, it can also mean plenty of challenges to overcome. Access to the National Broadband Network (NBN) from your rental property is just one of these, with the download speeds available to you often varying between different properties in different areas, which could make a significant difference to your lifestyle. 

What are some NBN alternatives for home internet?

Whether you’ve not been satisfied with your NBN speed, or your home is not yet in a location with appropriate infrastructure to support the NBN, it’s worth exploring some alternatives to the NBN for your home internet. 

Do you need a phone line for the NBN?

In the age of mobile phones, if you’re looking to sign up to an NBN plan you may be wondering if you need a phone line to connect. Short answer, no. You should not need a home phone to connect to the NBN.

How to check if the NBN is available for your address

Whether you’ve recently moved home or you’re contemplating updating your home internet, you’re probably wondering whether the NBN is available at your address. Thankfully, finding out is easier than you think!