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Why a penny saved is worth more than a penny earned

Savings Accounts3 min read

Top money saving challenges for 2018

Even if your well-intentioned money-saving New Year’s resolutions didn’t last for as long as you'd hoped, it’s never too late to get serious about saving money.

Savings Accounts3 min read

Should I get solar power for my home?

While there are environmental and economic benefits to solar power, you also need to weigh up the potential downsides.

Savings Accounts6 min read

What documents do I need to open a savings account?

If you want to open a savings account, you’ll need certain documents to prove your identity.

Savings Accounts2 min read

Money conversations you must have with your partner

Whether you’re planning your wedding or you’re about to go on your first date, there are a few questions you need to get out of the way to help determine whether you are compatible and share similar financial priorities.

Savings Accounts3 min read

10 ways to make money on the side

Whether you’ve got a 9-5 job or you’re a stay-at-home parent, there are a lot of ways you can make money on the side.

Savings Accounts3 min read

How to save for your wedding

If you or your partner have champagne tastes on a beer budget there are many ways you can cut down costs on the big day and still have a dream wedding.

Savings Accounts4 min read

5 tricks to teach your child great money habits

RateCity has compiled a list of five tips and tricks to teach your child great money habits.

Savings Accounts4 min read

Five everyday money saving tips

If you wish you had more money in your pocket, or stashed away for a rainy day, you’re not alone. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind to help you save more money every day, even if you don’t have a specific savings goal in mind:

Savings Accounts3 min read
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