The pros and cons of term deposits

Term deposits are one of many ways for you to invest your money, alongside options such as savings accounts, shares, property and managed funds.

What is a term deposit?

A term deposit is a set amount of money you leave with a lender for an agreed amount of time in return for an agreed amount of interest.

Pensioners losing superannuation savings by falling term deposit rates

Term deposit rates have been cut substantially by banks over recent months, according to research conducted by RateCity.

Term deposit versus property investment

Are you thinking about taking out a home loan as an investor or opening a term deposit account? There are pros and cons to both approaches.

The benefits of short-term deposits

Each year Australians look for ways to accrue, save and invest their money, with many turning to term deposits for their investments.

The benefits of long-term deposits

Term deposits are great for the undisciplined saver because you can lock away your savings for a period of time and you won't be tempted to withdraw it. Today we are looking at the benefits of longer-term deposits.

What are your long-term savings options?

There are many ways to save these days - if you can just avoid the temptation to spend. So what are some of the best long-term savings plans and options?

What's the deal with term deposit blackboard specials?

Many Australians who are seeking to invest their savings consider term deposits as a secure investment option and keep a close eye on blackboard specials - but should they?

Luckiest lottery numbers revealed

Some lottery players don't wish for luck, they make their own. Yet a string of recent "lotto hackers" in North America did not use high-tech gadgetry like the kind found in Hollywood films, but a knack for spotting patterns and exploiting loopholes.

Term Deposit Best Interest

Checking Australia's term deposit best interest rates is a smart option if you are looking to safely invest your savings over the short-to-mid-term. And a great way to compare the return on various term deposits is by using RateCity's term deposit calculator.