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All you need to know about new for old contents insurance

Content insurance covers the household items and personal belongings in your home in case they are lost, damaged, or stolen. If you own your house, it’s possible to couple your home or building insurance with your contents policy, which is often cheaper than taking out two separate policies.

What is underinsurance, and how to avoid it?

If you are an Australian homeowner, your home insurance policy might not have adequate coverage to make good the damage to your home and possessions during an unforeseen event.

Do I need to buy home insurance before closing on a property?

Having adequate home insurance can help manage risks from unforeseen events like floods, bushfires and other natural calamities. But if you’re purchasing a property, you need to know when the responsibility for property damage shifts between the seller and the buyer to make sure there’s no gap in coverage at any time. 

Does home insurance cover natural disasters?

Do you live in a disaster-prone area and wonder if you have adequate home insurance against natural disasters? Whether it’s against floods or bushfire, your home insurance policy must cover you against the risk of natural disasters.

All you need to know about home insurance cancellation and refunds

A home insurance policy gives you the peace of mind, but there are certain situations when you may want to cancel your existing policy.

Why is it important to have landlord home insurance?

Are you planning on renting out your property? Make sure you get landlord home insurance so that you have the right protection for your investment.

Do I need to get homeowners insurance liability coverage?

A legal liability home insurance policy doesn’t just protect your home and its contents, but also also protects you from liability if someone gets injured in your home.

What is fusion damage insurance and why would I need it?

Can you imagine a day without the convenience of basic household appliances like your refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine? We all rely on a range of household devices to get through the day. But the cost of replacing these items if they are damaged can put household budgets in the red. That’s why people often insure their valuables, like computers and household appliances, with home and contents insurance.

Five benefits of home insurance that not all policies offer

The benefits of having home insurance don’t begin and end with repairing or rebuilding your home after a disaster. Check what else your policy may cover.

How to reduce your home insurance premium

Here are our tips for cutting the cost of your home insurance without cutting your cover.