Will my home insurance policy cover moving expenses?

Concerned about the safety of your valuables while moving from one house to another? Check if you need to add coverage to your home insurance policy.

Key things to know about home insurance for first time home buyers

Buying your first homeowner’s insurance policy need not be an ordeal if you know what kind of coverage you need for your house and your belongings.

Five common misunderstandings about home and contents insurance

Your valuables may be irreplaceable, but you can at least recover their financial value if your home and contents insurance includes adequate coverage.

How should you choose a home insurance policy?

When you look for a home insurance policy, consider comparing policies from different providers to see which one offers adequate coverage for most incidents.

Does your home and contents insurance policy cover accidental damage?

A home and contents insurance policy may cover some types of accidental damage only when verified by an adjuster. Consider checking with your insurer for details.

Will my home insurance policy cover lost jewellery?

No matter how much jewellery you own, you’ll want to protect it. Consider ensuring that your home and contents insurance policy adequately covers your jewellery.

Does home insurance cover tree root damage?

Your home insurance policy will likely pay for any damage caused by an uprooted tree, but consider checking what incidents are covered and up to what limit.

When should you buy home insurance?

Home insurance needs differ for everyone, so when should you get home insurance? Follow this checklist and learn about home insurance in Australia.

Helpful tips for choosing a home insurance policy

You may need to make several tough choices when buying home insurance. Here are key pointers that may help you navigate the process more easily.

What you should know about the cost of house insurance

Your home insurance policy should fit your budget but also offer optimal coverage. It is important to understand what you're paying for while comparing home and contents insurance options.

Does your home insurance policy cover termite damage?

Fixing termite damage can be expensive and may not be included in a home insurance policy. Here is why it pays to do your research on termite damage insurance cover.

Does home insurance cover asbestos removal?

When buying an old home, consider assessing it for asbestos as it can be expensive to remove, and home insurance will likely not cover the removal costs.

What is included in your home and contents insurance policy?

If you’re worried about the cost of rebuilding your house and replacing your valuables after a disaster, consider buying a combined home and insurance policy.