What is fusion damage insurance and why would I need it?

Can you imagine a day without the convenience of basic household appliances like your refrigerator, dishwasher or washing machine? We all rely on a range of household devices to get through the day. But the cost of replacing these items if they are damaged can put household budgets in the red. That’s why people often insure their valuables, like computers and household appliances, with home and contents insurance.

Five benefits of home insurance that not all policies offer

The benefits of having home insurance don’t begin and end with repairing or rebuilding your home after a disaster. Check what else your policy may cover.

How to reduce your home insurance premium

Here are our tips for cutting the cost of your home insurance without cutting your cover.

Does home insurance cover foundation damage?

Are you wondering if your home insurance policy will offer cover for foundation damage when you need it? While most insurers do provide cover, read on to find out what the inclusions and exclusions are.

How is seniors’ home insurance different from other policies?

With people living longer, there’s a growing demand for home insurance for elderly Australians. Find out what’s different about seniors’ policies.

Do you need a home insurance broker?

If you aren’t sure about the type of home insurance cover you need, a home insurance broker may be helpful. Here are the pros and pitfalls.

Landlord insurance vs home insurance

If you’re planning to rent out your home, it’s a good idea to understand what insurance policy options you have as a landlord. Find out the difference between landlord insurance and home insurance to determine which provides the right cover.

What does home insurance cover?

Home insurance typically covers damage to your house and other fixed structures. Consider buying home and contents insurance to protect your belongings as well.

Does home insurance cover roof leaks?

Your home insurance policy may cover damage caused due to roof leaks under certain circumstances, but as always, beware the fine print. 

How to find the top home and content insurance policies

Comparing home and contents insurance quotes can tell you how different policies vary and which policy has the most suitable inclusions, exclusions and limits.