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By RateCity Staff

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As recently as five years ago, many car insurers had no way for you to get car quotes insurance except to call them. While it’s often good to talk to someone over the phone when you’ve got questions, it was very time-consuming. It meant that many drivers decided it was too hard to compare car insurance, and left their car insurance with a single company for many years.

You might be happy with your current car insurer, but we know from regular research that if you get insurance car quotes from more than one brand, you stand a much better chance of saving money. In fact, our research suggests you could save several hundred dollars by shopping around, though you need to compare all features, not just premium. You should also read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for every car insurance policy you look at, as this document contains all the important terms and conditions that govern your car insurance policy.

The good news is that the internet has made it much easier to get car insurance quotes than ever before. You can go to the website of just about any car insurer today and get a live quote for comprehensive car insurance. You can also use comparison sites such as RateCity, and put in information to get car insurance quotes from several brands at the same time. You will be asked a pretty simple set of questions to get car insurance quotes either from RateCity or directly from a car insurance website.

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