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What is mortgage stress?

Mortgage stress is not the worried feeling you get when the news is constantly filled with speculation around housing affordability, property bubbles, or interest rate rises. Instead, mortgage stress can be broadly defined as when your household’s income doesn't adequately cover the cost of your mortgage and other expenses.

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How can I pay my loan off faster?

Whether you have a home loan, a personal loan or a car loan, it’s likely that you’d prefer your debt to be paid off as soon as possible. The longer you owe money to a bank or lender, the more interest you’ll be charged, until the total cost eventually exceeds any benefits offered by the loan.

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Is it safe to get a home loan with a small lender?

While there are certainly benefits to getting your mortgage from a major bank like Australia’s Big Four, it’s the smaller lenders that tend to offer the more competitive interest rates, fees and charges that give the big banks a run for their money.

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What the new bank levy could cost you

One surprise to come out of Australia’s 2017 Federal Budget was the introduction of a new 'budget repair' levy on Australia’s big banks.

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Good debt and bad debt – how to consolidate and save

Even if you didn’t pay much attention to the 2017 federal budget, you may remember how it was presented a little differently. Rather than focusing solely on surpluses versus deficits, the federal government sorted its borrowing into "good debt" and "bad debt".

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Looking beyond the rate – other home loan features to get excited about

Many of us get hung up on interest rates when comparing different home loans. It’s easy to understand why – “the lower the rate, the better the loan” is a very simple formula to understand.

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Don’t make this big refinancing mistake!

The main reason people refinance their home loan is to save money. But sometimes people make a crucial mistake and actually lose money.

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Refinancing traps and how to avoid them

For the first time refinancer there can be many little traps throughout the process that can mean paying more than you expected.

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