Australian Military Bank

Junior Saver Account

Australian Defence provides its customers with a variety of features in their savings account for all different types of needs. The Access Savings S1 account is the best for convenient everyday transactions, while the Star Saver Direct offers highly competitive rates with exclusive online banking and phone access, as well as a coveted 4 Star CANNEX rating.

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Company Australian Military Bank
Maximum Interest Earned $6.25 per month
Total Interest Earned $388.88
Advertised Rate 1.50%
Maximum Rate 1.50% No end date
Bonus Conditions N/A
Indicative Age Restrictions <18 yrs
Account Keeping Fee $0
Minimum Opening Deposit $0
Cheque Deposit Fee N/A
Reporting Options Combined
Star Rating Online Saver Not Rated
Star Rating Bonus Saver Not Rated
Star Rating Junior Saver

Product Features

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Maximum rate includes base rate plus bonuses, if applicable. Interest Earned is indicative only, and based on the the maximum interest rate for this product over a one month period. Conditions may apply in both instances.

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