State Governments plan electric vehicle road tax

Two major states are working on introducing a tax on electric and other zero emission vehicles to subsidise road infrastructure, but industry groups warn it might affect the uptake of the nascent ‘green’ category.

Australia's best new and used car loans in October 2020

Shoppers in the market for a new car arguably have more bargaining power today than they’ve had in years, as dealers are working hard to turn a 30 month trend of falling car sales.

Used car prices swell by almost 30 per cent during COVID-19

Used car prices have swelled by a record 30 per cent following a stock shortage, but economists are suggesting now might be the time to sell as the rollercoaster ride could turn.

After 30 months of declining sales, car industry banks on relaxed lending criteria

New car sales have passed a grim milestone, but the industry is hopeful the government’s relaxing of lending criteria could help turn their fortunes.

Used car prices balloon by 25 per cent in a year: analysts

Used cars values jumped by 25 per cent since the beginning of the year, a new report reveals, spurred by a drop in supply, a lift in demand and the lockdowns instituted to contain COVID-19.

Best car loans for September 2020

Despite new car sales continuing to decline in response to COVID-19, there’s no shortage of competitive car loans available to those who are in the market.

Car sales tumble as select banks cut car loan rates

Australia’s love for the 4WD could not slow down the car industry’s two year sales slump, new data reveals, but more than a dozen banks have made buying a car a little easier by cutting interest rates.

New car sales tumble creating bargain opportunities for buyers

New car annual sales experienced a significant drop compared to a year earlier, an analysis of car sales found, shifting bargaining power away from dealers and towards buyers.

Electric car sales treble, but Australia lags without investment: EVC

Sales of electric cars trebled over the last year, but a lack of government support is preventing car makers from bringing more affordable models to Australia, a report by an industry authority claims.

SUVs claim over half of the market while new car sales continue to face tough conditions

New car sales continue to be impacted by “challenging and difficult conditions”, according to the latest Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) data.