Best car loans for September 2020

Despite new car sales continuing to decline in response to COVID-19, there’s no shortage of competitive car loans available to those who are in the market.

Car sales tumble as select banks cut car loan rates

Australia’s love for the 4WD could not slow down the car industry’s two year sales slump, new data reveals, but more than a dozen banks have made buying a car a little easier by cutting interest rates.

New car sales tumble creating bargain opportunities for buyers

New car annual sales experienced a significant drop compared to a year earlier, an analysis of car sales found, shifting bargaining power away from dealers and towards buyers.

Electric car sales treble, but Australia lags without investment: EVC

Sales of electric cars trebled over the last year, but a lack of government support is preventing car makers from bringing more affordable models to Australia, a report by an industry authority claims.

SUVs claim over half of the market while new car sales continue to face tough conditions

New car sales continue to be impacted by “challenging and difficult conditions”, according to the latest Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) data.

Three ways green car loans could save you money

Buying an eco-friendly, or ‘green’, car is not only an environmentally responsible decision, it could also potentially be a financially responsible decision in more ways than just day-to-day running costs.

Best car loans for July 2020

EOFY car sales may have ended, but that doesn’t mean car salespeople are no longer vying for your business.

New car sales activity revs up in June as bargain hunters snap up EOFY deals

Car shoppers were out and about in June, with more than 110,000 new vehicles sold in the month.

A step-by-step guide to getting a car loan

By following the right steps, you'll be able to buy your dream ride with little hassle.

Top-rated car loans for May 2020

If you’ve been dreaming of buying a car for a long time, it's worth comparing your options with some of Australia's leading car loans for May 2020, as rated by RateCity's Real Time Ratings system.

Which car loans have the lowest interest rates?

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, buying a new car may have been the last thing on the minds of many Australians. But with some social distancing restrictions starting to ease in selected areas, some Australians may be in the market for a car loan for their next vehicle purchase.

Lenders getting increasingly personal with their car loans

A growing number of car loan lenders are offering personalised interest rates.

Aussies buying fewer cars due to tougher lending

New research has found that fewer Aussies have been buying cars, in part due to tighter restrictions around car loans.