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Australians cautious about buying new cars

Mark Bristow
Feb 6, 2019( 2 min read )

Australian SUV interest up, car sales overall down

Mark Bristow
Jan 9, 2019( 2 min read )

Your next car loan may be for a hybrid

With petrol prices affecting the cost of living, more than half of Australians are considering hybrid or electric cars as alternatives to traditional petrol-fuelled vehicles, according to a new report from Roy Morgan.

Mark Bristow
Dec 23, 2018( 2 min read )

ACCC urges car owners to hunt for cheap petrol

Drivers could save up to $520 per year by purchasing petrol at the bottom of the price cycle, according to a new report from Australia’s competition regulator.

Nick Bendel
Dec 6, 2018( 2 min read )

How to get the best car loan in 2019

Getting a car loan can be very confusing. There are so many strange processes to go through; so many strange finance words to decipher.

Nick Bendel
Dec 3, 2018( 3 min read )

5 reasons why you should buy a car in December

New year, new car. It makes sense. After all, everything becomes cheaper after Christmas, doesn’t it?

Nick Bendel
Dec 3, 2018( 3 min read )

Petrol adding to household cost burden

Mark Bristow
Nov 26, 2018( 2 min read )

New rules expected to deliver cheaper car loan rates

Car buyers will no longer have to worry about falling victim to ‘flex commissions’ when they take out dealer finance.

Nick Bendel
Nov 4, 2018( 2 min read )

Government prepares for arrival of self-driving cars

The federal government is planning to set up a new agency to prepare for the arrival of autonomous cars.

Nick Bendel
Oct 5, 2018( 2 min read )

Petrol prices no longer dominated by the big brands

Alex Ritchie
Sep 26, 2018( 2 min read )

Cars flying off the lot across Australia

Australia could post its fourth consecutive year of record car sales, according to new data from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

Nick Bendel
Sep 8, 2018( 2 min read )

Petrol prices hit four-year high

Average petrol prices in Australia’s largest cities are the highest in four years, according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), who are encouraging motorists to use comparison websites and apps to find the cheapest deals.

Mark Bristow
Aug 21, 2018( 3 min read )

Second-hand car costs drop as debt reporting fees fall

Things like buying a second-hand car securely just got a little bit cheaper. The costs of checking whether the car you’re thinking of purchasing has any money owing on it, has been written off or been reported stolen, have been reduced as of the 1st August 2018.

Bria Horne
Aug 3, 2018( 2 min read )

ACCC takes Europcar to court

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has chosen a big target as the first company to be litigated under new excessive surcharging rules.

Nick Bendel
Jul 28, 2018( 2 min read )

Mid-year slowdown in new vehicle sales

Australians bought fewer new vehicles in June 2018 than they did at the same time the previous year, according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

Mark Bristow
Jul 6, 2018( 2 min read )

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