Top-rated personal loans for September 2020

Personal lending saw an increase in July for the third consecutive month, according to recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Australia’s best personal loans to start September 2020

When assessing your finances during these ever-changing and often unpredictable times, it may be a good idea to do some research on potential back-up options.

Australia’s best personal loans for July 2020

If you’re aiming to clear your debts in the short-to-medium term, it might be worth considering consolidating your debts into one personal loan.

New personal lending bounces back in May as vehicle loans jump

New personal lending saw a rebound in May for the first time this year.

New personal loans see the biggest fall in nearly 20 years

New personal lending nosedived by about 25 per cent in April, the biggest recorded monthly fall by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in nearly 20 years.

Australia’s best personal loans for June 2020

To help you compare, RateCity has put together some of the top-rated personal loans for June 2020.

Best personal loans for May 2020

If you’re doing your research on what personal loan options are out there, RateCity has compiled some of the top-rated personal loans for May 2020.

Australians tighten their belts on personal loans

Australians are preparing for economic pain ahead due to COVID-19, as they take out fewer personal loans.

5 tips to improve your credit score

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The lenders providing personal loan repayment relief during the coronavirus

More than 20 personal loan lenders are providing some much-needed breathing room for borrowers during COVID-19.

Aussies rack up $18 billion of debt over Christmas

Debt is the last thing most Australians want to talk about, despite the country owing more than $18 billion in credit card and loan debt over Christmas alone.

Engaged over Christmas? Here’s how to actually afford a wedding

When it comes to paying for your wedding, not everyone has family who can help them out. Here are a few ways you can help keep costs down and pay for your wedding.

P2P investing could earn you higher returns

Down, down, interest rates are down. That’s great news for borrowers, but not so much for savers.