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Credit card debt drops by $9.9 billion since the start of COVID

The national credit card debt accruing interest has dropped by over half a billion dollars in just one month, down to the lowest level since May 2003.

Over half of buy now pay later customers struggle to pay living expenses

It’s a timely reminder to be careful with your finances as we enter the silly season, with a new report revealing that 61% of financial counsellor respondents saw most or all their clients using BNPL platforms struggle to meet living expenses.

Westpac and subsidiaries cut credit card rates in time for Christmas

Good news for credit card customers with Westpac and its subsidiaries, St. George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA, reducing their credit card purchase rates by between 0.25% and 0.50%.

Young Australians sidestepping everyday expenses for big-ticket purchases

Have you ever put off paying for something you need until later so you can afford something more fun that you want today? New research indicates that you may be in good company, with nearly nine in ten young Australians ‘sidestepping’ everyday lifestyle costs to help save for expensive one-off purchases.

Black Friday warning: don’t send your budget into a black hole

Shoppers planning to spend big in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are being warned to write out lists and set spending limits to avoid getting into trouble.

Spend wisely to avoid debt in the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales

The upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales are set to attract a high number of Aussie shoppers looking to snap up a bargain for Christmastime. But buyer beware: it’s still easier than ever to accumulate debt through your credit card if you’re not careful.

80% of credit card users with debt don’t know their interest rate

With the silly season now upon us, shoppers using credit cards are being warned to be careful not to get stung with big interest bills.

Australians wipe $9.31 billion off credit card debt since COVID

The national credit card debt accruing interest has fallen to the lowest level in almost 18 years, as Australians continue to clear their debt in the latest lockdown.

Westpac launches 0% interest credit card to take on the buy now, pay later sector

Westpac has announced it’s launching a no interest credit card, similar to those launched by big bank competitors, CBA and NAB last year.

Buy now, pay later vs. credit cards: which should you choose?

Whether you’re a young Australian looking for your best option to gain access to credit, or a long-time credit card user wondering what the fuss is about BNPL services, let’s explore the benefits and risks of both options.