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Phone providers accused of dodgy credit practices

Nick Bendel
Feb 28, 2019( 2 min read )

Senate Inquiry calls for greater buy now pay later regulation

Liz Seatter
Feb 26, 2019( 3 min read )

Credit card market has many $0 annual fee options

There are more than 30 credit cards in Australia with no annual fee, according to a new analysis of the credit card market.

Nick Bendel
Feb 17, 2019( 3 min read )

Skip the traditional roses and save on Valentine’s Day

Alex Ritchie
Feb 13, 2019( 5 min read )

Qantas unveils credit card for high-income Australians

Qantas has today released its most exclusive credit card, which comes with an annual fee of $1,200 and a minimum annual income requirement of $200,000.

Nick Bendel
Feb 12, 2019( 2 min read )

A lot of products got cheaper in 2018

Prices always go up, right? Well, not for everything, according to the latest inflation data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Nick Bendel
Jan 31, 2019( 2 min read )

Australians spend up on holidays, less on cars

Mark Bristow
Jan 26, 2019( 2 min read )

Young Australians turning away from credit cards

Millennials have been unfairly stigmatised as poor money managers, according to a new report commissioned by Afterpay.

Nick Bendel
Jan 18, 2019( 2 min read )

Credit card companies slam on the brakes, as customers look for plastic alternatives

The screws are being tightened on Australia’s debt obsession, with the number of credit card accounts and the total value of credit limits both falling in the most recent RBA statistics.

Laine Gordon
Jan 15, 2019( 2 min read )

Credit cards turn a new leaf this New Year

Liz Seatter
Jan 2, 2019( 3 min read )

What to do with unwanted Christmas gifts

We've all received Christmas gifts that we didn't want. Indeed, one survey found that a quarter of people couldn't name a single enjoyable gift they'd ever gotten.

Bria Horne
Dec 26, 2018( 2 min read )

Everything you need to know about the 2018 Boxing Day sales

Last year we outlined where to find the top malls and shops across Australia. This year, for those who want to avoid the crowds, we’re going to show you where to look to find the best deals online.

Bria Horne
Dec 25, 2018( 3 min read )

China’s Alipay gains Australian support through CommBank

Mark Bristow
Dec 21, 2018( 2 min read )

Technology, clothing sends pre-Christmas sales sky high

Nick Bendel
Dec 19, 2018( 2 min read )

Australians poised to spend billions for the holidays

Mark Bristow
Dec 10, 2018( 2 min read )

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