ANZ reduces savings and term deposit interest rates

ANZ has shaved rates on some of its savings and term deposit accounts, as savers continue to feel the pinch from low interest rates.

Financial stress due to COVID-19 easing but still rife

Money worries due to COVID-19 are easing for many households, but not everyone is out of financial strife yet.

The four numbers you need to know in your life

Many Australians are not across some of the most important numbers in their lives, which can have serious financial implications.

Federal Budget 2020: Making sense of the government’s tax revisions, offsets and cuts

Two big rule changes will see millions of Australians save $12.5 billion in taxes within the next year, under federal budget announcements designed to get people spending and the country out of a recession.

Federal Budget 2020: Housing initiatives, tax breaks, superannuation changes and more

The federal government plans on chartering Australia out of its first recession in almost three decades by spending big on employment initiatives, infrastructure projects and tax breaks.

Australians putting financial and life goals on hold due to COVID-19

Australians are being forced to push back their financial goals and major life events, as COVID-19 impinges on consumer confidence and money habits

The best savings accounts for October 2020

With talk amongst economist and experts alike that the Reserve Bank of Australia may cut the cash rate close to zero per cent next Tuesday, it’s a challenging time to be a saver in Australia. 

Is the new $100 note, out October, the last update to a banknote we’ll see?

The RBA has been busy printing 400 million hundred-dollar bills in anticipation of rolling them out into public wallets, bringing to a close a banknote redesign program decades in the making.

Changes to JobSeeker and JobKeeper take effect

The first decrease in the welfare payment keeping more than a million people financially afloat drops by $300 today, while the other keeping millions more in work tapers too.

Household wealth grew by $5881, a partial recovery for the quarter

Some of the value people lost in superannuation, shares and savings due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been recovered, quarterly figures reveal, but a larger rebound was held back by falling property values.

Budget day rate cut on the cards for October: big banks

Two of the big four banks predict a budget day rate cut of 15 basis points could be on the cards.

Australians tipped to be saving more of their incomes in the next three years

Australians are hanging on tight to their money, with savings levels tipped to stay high in the next three years.

Second cut in a month for Dollarmite savers

Australia’s largest bank, CBA, has today cut two of its most popular savings accounts for the second time in a month.