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Mark Bristow is a senior financial writer for RateCity and an experienced analyst, researcher, and producer. Working for over ten years, Mark previously wrote and researched commercial real estate at CoreLogic, and has seen articles published at Lifehacker and Business Insider, among others. Most recently, Mark has joined RateCity working across finance as a whole. Whatever the topic, Mark’s goal is always to provide simple solutions to complex problems.

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Home Loans

Some of the best home loans in April 2021

Despite the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) having not lifted the national cash rate in over a decade, many mortgage lenders are aggressively competing for business from borrowers. But while many borrowers will go looking for the home loans with the lowest interest rates, it’s important to also consider which home loans offer the fees, features and other benefits that could offer greater value for your financial situation.

Personal Loans

Can I get a personal loan for a holiday?

Following the recent announcement of the New Zealand-Australia travel bubble, and with more destinations set to potentially open up in the future, many Australians may be planning their next holiday… and how they’ll pay for it.

Home Insurance

How do you file a home insurance claim for flooding?

Natural disasters are a fact of life in Australia, though they still take many of us by surprise. If you’ve been affected by storms and flooding, you’ll want to quickly find out what’s covered by your insurance so you can make a claim.

Credit Score

How fast can you fix a credit score, and how do you do it?

Having bad credit may make applying for loans and credit cards feel impossible. But it is possible to recover from a bad credit score, though the length of time it will take may vary. Checking your credit report is often a good start, as is demonstrating your financial responsibility.

Car Loans

Some of the best car loans in March 2021

Planning a road trip over Easter? Want to finally go and visit those relatives you haven’t seen in what feels like more than a year? If you’re wanting a fresh set of wheels to hit the road, you may be in the market for a car loan.

Bank Accounts

Banks offer support for customers affected by NSW floods

With entire regions of central New South Wales being affected by severe flooding, several of Australia’s banks have offered relief and support packages for affected customers.

Home Loans

Three reasons a home loan calculator can help you land your dream house

Most Australian borrowers will use a mortgage calculator at some point on their buying journey. Whether it’s to work out how much you can afford to borrow, or how much the repayments would cost for different home loan interest rates, a home loan calculator may be able to help you get into the property you want, sooner.

Home Loans

Some of the best mortgages for investors in March 2021

With Australian property prices hitting record highs, and home loan interest rates reaching record lows, it’s no surprise that borrowing and buying activity has been accelerating of late. And it’s not just first home buyers experiencing fear of missing out (FOMO) on low rates, but investors too.

Home Loans

How much could a mortgage on an average Australian property cost?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), property prices in all eight capital cities rose in December 2020, for the first time since December 2014. With Australia’s average house price rising, and mortgage interest rates at record lows, what does this mean for the average cost of a home loan?

Credit Score

Four habits to learn to love to keep your credit score top notch

Being mindful of your financial habits can make a big difference to how easy or hard it is to keep your credit score at the top end of the band. Here are four of the top ways to maintain or grow a good credit score: