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Mark Bristow is RateCity's Home & Personal Finances Editor, and an experienced analyst, researcher, and producer. Working for over ten years, Mark previously wrote and researched commercial real estate at CoreLogic, and has seen articles published at Lifehacker and Business Insider, among others.

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How to make the most of shopping, from comparison to cashback

However you choose to shop, it’s important to consider what the best strategies may be to get the most value for your money. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Home Loans

Some of the best home loans in December 2021

While a lot of Australians are slowing down and taking a break over the holidays, nothing completely stops the Australian property market. Some buyers and sellers rush to finalise sales before the year’s end, while others use the holidays as a chance to organise deals with less competition.

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Young Australians sidestepping everyday expenses for big-ticket purchases

Have you ever put off paying for something you need until later so you can afford something more fun that you want today? New research indicates that you may be in good company, with nearly nine in ten young Australians ‘sidestepping’ everyday lifestyle costs to help save for expensive one-off purchases.

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Some of the best home loans for investors in November 2021

It’s not yet completely clear what Australian property investors can expect over the next few years. While some analysts are forecasting another year of rising house prices before a fall in 2023, there are still a lot of unknown factors to consider that could affect how things shake out.

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House price growth to slow by 2023 according to CBA

The forecast return of a rising cash rate is expected to slow the meteoric rise in property values around Australia, according to a new report from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. However, improved wage growth combined with the return of international immigration should help prevent a house price freefall.

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Does rent-to-own exist for Australian home owners?

If you can comfortably manage your rent payments, you may feel you could manage the repayments on a mortgage just as easily. However, many Australian renters have had their home ownership dreams frustrated by the challenge of saving a deposit on a home loan. Rent-to-own programs could theoretically offer an alternative route to home ownership, but are they worth the risk? 

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Some of the best home loans for owner occupiers in November 2021

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), owner occupier lending has fallen over recent months, while investor lending has climbed. This is understood to be partly due to skyrocketing property values in popular areas pricing some first home buyers out of the market, unless they can get significant assistance from parental guarantors, government support programs, or both.

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Westpac follows CBA and hikes fixed rates

Westpac has today followed CBA’s lead and hiked fixed home loan rates.

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CBA home loan shake-up: lowest variable rate now 2.29%

The escalating war on variable home loan rates has today intensified with CBA and ING taking the knife to these rates.

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Some of the best home loans in October 2021

With the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) committing to keep the cash rate on hold for the next few years, and mortgage lenders continuing to slash interest rates, regulators are taking steps to limit risky borrowing and cool overheated property prices.