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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” said Benjamin Franklin, whose face appears on America’s $100 bill.

That’s why subscribing to podcasts could help you acquire the knowledge you need to take control of your finances and grow your wealth.

The podcasts below will teach you valuable lessons about budgeting, investing, property, shares, superannuation, tax and other fun stuff.

Listen while you’re commuting to work, listen while you’re at the gym, listen while you’re doing the vacuuming. Because it’s all about the Benjamins.


Podcasts about personal finance 


Financial Autonomy

Financial planner Paul Benson covers a wide range of personal finance topics, from budgeting, investing and property to side hustles, financial literacy and retirement planning.

Aussie Firebug

Interested in the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) community? If so, you’ll enjoy these interviews with people who are pursuing or have already achieved financial independence.

My Millennial Money

Glen James (a millennial money expert), Erin (who keeps a low profile) and John Pidgeon (a property investing expert) take a light-hearted look at personal finance from a millennial perspective. The podcast features a variety of topical guests, and offers a balance between practical money tips and banter. My Millennial Money touts itself as being “like Hamish and Andy for your finances”.

Financial planning with Jason Featherby

Finance professional Jason Featherby joins 6PR radio host Simon Beaumont to answer listeners’ questions about tax, investing, property, insurance, superannuation, budgeting and debt.


Podcasts about business, finance and economics


Money News with Ross Greenwood

TV and radio veteran Ross Greenwood takes a big-picture look at what’s happening in the Australian economy.

Work Life Money

Ross Greenwood also hosts Work Life Money, which features in-depth interviews with successful businesspeople, industry experts and international celebrities.

The Money Cafe

Experienced journalists Alan Kohler and James Kirby talk banking, investing, property, trade, politics and more, helping you make sense of the complicated world of finance.

The Money

This ABC podcast will help you make sense of the Australian and global economies, covering everything from inequality and innovation to cryptocurrencies and charities.


Podcasts about stock market investing


Motley Fool Money

This podcast offers insights in to the Australian stock market, with discussion of market news and analysis of specific stocks.

Equity Mates

The Equity Mates podcast covers the basics of playing the market, from IPOs and ETFs to risk management and investment strategies.

Talking Wealth

Market news and analysis from Wealth Within, a financial services company based in Melbourne.