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Who should I vote for?

The Vote Calculator is not intended to provide voting or financial advice. It has been designed as a fun, engaging way to raise awareness of a range of key policy issues being considered in the 2016 Federal Election that could potentially have a financial impact on Australians.
The calculator's computations are based broadly on each party's policies at the time of construction, based on publicly available documents and media reports, but are not calibrated to scale. It has not taken into account your financial situation and provides no guarantee of financial benefit if a particular party wins the election. It is best to seek professional advice on how the election result could impact your personal finances.

Political parties’ policies around housing affordability, investment and supply can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Be prepared for any upcoming changes by keeping an eye on if and how your lender is responding to policy changes, whether they be at a government or regulatory level. To find out how much an interest rate change could affect you, load some basic loan details and calculate your home loan repayments.