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The difference between business and residential electric rates

There are differences in how business and residential electricity is supplied, which means there are differences in the prices. Find out what these differences are.

What is the price of a unit of gas in Australia?

Gas prices in Australia are affected by several factors, including network and costs and transportation. The price you pay for gas can depend on where you live and how many people in your region opt for a gas connection.

Why you should track the average energy price across Australia

Tracking and comparing energy prices can help you lower your energy expenses and decide if you need to switch to another retailer. 

Compare energy providers in Queensland to get the best electricity and gas deals

Households and businesses located in Queensland have many options for electricity and gas suppliers. Compare energy plans in QLD to find the right deal for you. 

How much electricity does a business use and how can you reduce it?

To reduce your energy intake first, you need to know how much you use. You can also compare your businesses energy usage against the average to see how much to reduce it.

What's the average gas bill in Australia?

What is the average price of natural gas in Australia? This will depend on where you live, but understanding the average gas bill may help you find a better deal for your household.

How to switch energy providers if you have a smart meter

Are you looking to switch your energy provider with a smart meter? Read on to find out how the process works.

How energy changes under the Australian 2021 Federal Budget

The 2021-2022 Federal Budget is out, and amongst the standard tax benefits and schemes for property purchases, there have been changes announced for fuel, gas and electricity supplies

What happens if I switch energy suppliers with a credit default?

Energy suppliers can ask to check your credit history when considering your application, but they cannot turn down your application entirely.

How to get gas and electricity when moving into your first home

If you’re renting or buying a home for the first time, you’ll need to find and connect electricity and gas for your property. It’s best if you do this for when you move in, but how is it done? Find out.