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What are fixed-price energy plans?

Electricity and gas bills vary each month, which can make it difficult to budget. A fixed price energy plan may help solve this problem. 

Do providers require a credit check for gas and electricity connections?

Energy providers may request a credit check for a gas or electricity connection to confirm that you haven’t had issues paying your bills in the past.

How to find some of the best gas and electricity providers in Victoria

If you’re looking to reduce your energy bill, consider comparing electricity and gas providers in Victoria to find the cheapest plans in the state.

Fixed-rate or variable electricity: Which one is better?

Should you choose fixed-rate or variable electricity? This depends on you. Learn about the differences between these plans and help decide which one is for you.

How are electricity prices determined in Australia?

Australia’s energy prices are among the world's highest. Understanding how consumers are charged can help you choose the right electricity provider and plan for yourself.

How to save electricity and gas at home

Running up huge bills for electricity and gas? Let’s look at some ways to save money on electricity and gas so that you can bring your costs down.

How to choose an energy plan

Comparing energy plans from Australia’s top retailers isn’t simply about finding the cheapest contract. Here are some other factors you should consider.

What is EnergyAustralia’s Total Plan?

EnergyAustralia offers a Total Plan with fixed rates and guaranteed discounts across various cities. Read on to find out how much you’ll have to pay for the plan.

LPG vs natural gas: which should you buy?

A natural gas connection may appear to be the more efficient choice in the cities. But LPG may be more practical for customers elsewhere.

Top eight Australian energy providers in 2021

Are you looking for the top energy providers in Australia? We’ve rounded up the top eight retailers for 2021 and how you can get a quote from them.