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Simply Energy is an Australia based energy retailer focused on providing smart electricity and gas solutions to enable customers to manage their energy usage better. Simply Energy has been an energy provider to Australian homes and businesses since 2005 and has a customer base of over 700,000 Australians across the country. It’s one of the fastest-growing energy retailers in the country and serves customers in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, ACT, and Western Australia.

Simply Energy is backed by ENGIE, a French multinational with a variety of interests in low-carbon energy and services. As one of the largest independent power producers globally, ENGIE wants to accelerate the carbon-neutral economy transition. Simply Energy is the retail arm of its business that works alongside several other projects ENGIE has in Australia. 

Simply Energy’s was voted winners of the Reader’s Digest Quality Service Award in 2021 by its customers. Roy Morgan named Simply Energy’s gas customers the nation’s happiest in 2019.

How to find the Simply Energy rates in your area

If you’re looking into what Simply Energy charges for electricity and gas for home or business, you first need to check if they supply energy to the area. Just select residential or business with Simply Energy online and enter your suburb or postcode, you’ll then get a list of the plans available. 

If you’re looking for a provider who will give you a dual plan, a plan that covers gas and electricity, Simply Energy may be for you.  You can see Simply Energy electricity and gas rates after you enter your postcode. If you’re just looking for electricity or gas, you can look at either gas or electricity options. 

Next, you’ll be asked to specify your usage level. There are three options offered:

  • Low - This is assumed to be a single person household consuming approximately 8 KWh/day of electricity and 17 MJ/day of gas. 
  • Medium - This is suitable for a 2 - 3 person household with assumed or approximated electricity consumption of 14 KWh/day and gas at about 33 MJ/day. 
  • High - This is for households of 4 people or more with usage levels estimated at 17 KWh/day of electricity and 60 MJ/day of gas.

To guide your choice, you can also see the average usage of customers in your distribution area. 

Once you’ve selected your usage level, the Simply Energy deals available to you will be displayed, along with an estimate of the monthly costs. This information makes it convenient for you to check how Simply Energy compares with other plans available in your area. 

How to switch to Simply Energy rates from another energy retailer

If you find a Simply Energy plan that suits you better than the one you are currently on and want to switch, the process is pretty simple. Depending on the terms of your current contract, you’re free to switch at any time. You just need to let Simply Energy know that you wish to accept their offer, and they will send you a welcome pack with all the information about the plan. They will also send you a copy of the contract and handle the switch from your old retailer. 

While your energy retailer changes, you’ll not face any disruption in your electricity or gas supply. The energy distributor responsible for the pipes and wires that deliver energy to your home will not change; only the retailer will.

When it comes to informing your old retailer of your plans to switch to Simply Energy, you only need to inform them if you’re moving house. This way, they’ll disconnect your old address and send you a final bill. If you’re switching but not moving Simply Energy will inform your old retailer on your behalf. You may see charges related to electricity or gas connection, disconnection or meter reading fees on your first bill with Simply Energy or your last bill with your previous retailer. These are charged by your energy distributor but collected by Simply Energy or other energy retailers. 

The length of time it will take for the switch to Simply Energy to be complete will depend on the type of meter you have and when the next meter reading is. It could take between 10 days and 4 months, but Simply Energy will let you know in writing once complete.

If you’re a Simply Energy business customer and are relocating your business, fill out this form to make the necessary arrangements at your new premises. 

Managing your Simply Energy account

The Simply Energy MyAccount online portal and app are convenient ways for you to manage your account, view bills and make payments online. Using the Simply Energy online platform, you can even monitor your energy consumption and track your bills and account balance at any time. If you have multiple accounts, this online platform is an easy way to manage all of them in one place.  

By setting up a direct debit from your bank account to pay your Simply Energy gas and electricity bills, you won’t need to worry about missing the due date. 

Using your Simply Energy online account, you can check whether you’re on the plan that best suits you or make changes to your account. You can also check if you’re eligible for any government rebates, apply online for the rebate and have it applied to your account.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, you can contact Simply Energy by chatting online or sending them a message. If you prefer to talk on the phone, the Simply Energy contact number is 1300 942 068. 

How can you cancel a Simply Energy account

You’re free to cancel a Simply Energy contract without worrying about exit fees. Simply Energy’s residential plans aren’t lock-in contracts, so you’re free to switch to another retailer anytime. 

Is Simply Energy carbon-neutral? 

All new Simply Energy plans, from 1st January 2021, deliver carbon-neutral energy, meaning that they offset the carbon emissions caused when customers use energy. As a user, you don't need to activate this option - it’s an intrinsic part of all their new plans. There is no additional cost to you for this carbon-neutral energy with Simply Energy plans. 

The way this works is that for every tonne of emissions generated by customers, Simply Energy purchases a tonne of emission offsets. These offsets are in the form of certificates from projects that absorb or ease CO2 production. 

So if you’re keen on making energy choices that are good for the environment, you may want to find out more about Simply Energy plans. All energy provided by Simply Energy since 1st January 2021 is certified as being Carbon Neutral by Climate Active. Climate Active is a program created as a partnership between the Australian government and businesses to drive voluntary climate action. 

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How to find cheap gas and electricity?

One of the best ways to find cheaper gas and electricity plans is to compare the plans offered by various service providers in your area. You can compare any perks or discounts available from the retailers and the standard costs and fees. You’ll also be able to calculate the estimated monthly, quarterly, and annual costs.

Be careful choosing based solely on these upfront perks or costs, however. These discounts or lower usage perks may end when the contract or benefit period expires on your current plan. When you compare online, you can often find a better plan. 

Your total energy bill includes supply and usage charges, which vary from one provider to another. You can shop around online to find a retailer that offers competitive prices on these charges and any other fees. Discounts can help reduce your bill, and it makes sense to review your bill and think about how to find cheaper gas and electric providers at least once a year.