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*How did we work out the savings?

• These savings are the estimated difference between the total repayments on an owner occupier loan of $400,000, using the average big 4 owner occupier discounted variable rate and the lowest owner occupier variable rate on our database for an LVR of 80%. 
• These savings are estimates only – they are not predictions. These estimates are intended to help you compare home loans, though you should always do your own research and consider seeking professional financial advice before applying for a home loan.
• To keep our calculations consistent, we have used the following assumptions when estimating your savings:
• Interest rates: We have used the average big 4 owner occupier discounted variable rate of 3.60% (LVR 80%) switching to an interest rate of 1.99% in our calculations. These calculations assume this interest rate will apply for the entire loan term. However variable interest rates may rise or fall over the course of your mortgage and affect the cost of your loan.
• Loan: We have assumed you are a new customer looking for a 25 year owner-occupied home loan with monthly principal and interest repayments and a loan amount of $400k.
• Payments: We have assumed you’ll maintain these minimum repayments, and won’t make extra repayments, pay out the loan early, or refinance.
• Fees: We have not included any fees in our savings assumptions. This includes upfront fees, ongoing fees, break costs or other miscellaneous fees.
• Home loan rates data as on 30/11/2020