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What are personal loans for pensioners? 

If you are in receipt of a pension you may think you're not able to take out a loan. Whether it's an age pension, a carer's pension or a disability support pension, there are routes open for personal loans for pensioners. Options are generally more limited for pensioners because lenders apply stricter criteria if you have a pension.

But there are options out there and if you are looking for a personal loan or other type of financing there is no reason not to explore the possibilities and make comparisons between what lenders may offer. You may want a loan or finance for a variety of things and lenders will apply certain conditions when you make an application.

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Why do people use personal loans for pensioners?

You might think that when you reach pension age you will have enough money to maintain a comfortable lifestyle after many years of work, but it's not always the case. In many instances, day-to-day living can be managed, but what happens if you need a major item such as a new car or a washing machine or fridge/freezer and you haven't got the cash? This is where personal loans for pensioners can make a real difference between getting what you need to make your life easier and just making do. 

There are several ways as a pensioner that you can access loans, and if you own a home that has a lot of equity in it the potential for making a successful application for a loan may be increased.

What are the main features of personal loans for pensioners?

In the end, it depends on what your financial circumstances are and what type of pension you are getting. Whatever type of loan you can access the lender will want to verify your income as well as find out what, if any, assets you hold. Your existing bank may well offer you loan options, especially if you have held an account with them for a long time and have a good credit history with them. It will, as with any loan, depend on how much you want to borrow and over what time period. 

Short-term loans can be flexible, especially if you don't want to borrow a large amount, but again interest rates may be quite high.

What are the pros and cons of personal loans for pensioners?

As with any loan you need to be comfortable about paying back what you borrow. Personal loans for pensioners can be very helpful in buying larger items, but you should always compare a range of options to ensure you are a getting a loan that is suitable for your financial circumstances.

Can you refinance a $5000 personal loan?

Much like home loans, many personal loans can be refinanced. This is where you replace your current personal loan with another personal loan, often from another lender and at a lower interest rate. Switching personal loans may let you enjoy more affordable repayments, or useful features and benefits.

If you have a $5000 personal loan as well as other debts, you may be able to use a debt consolidations personal loan to combine these debts into one, potentially saving you money and simplifying your repayments.

What is a bad credit personal loan?

A bad credit personal loan is a personal loan designed for somebody with a bad credit history. This type of personal loan has higher interest rates than regular personal loans as well as higher fees.

What is a personal loan?

A personal loan sits somewhere between a home loan and a credit card loan. Unlike with a credit card, you need to sign a formal contract to access a personal loan. However, the process is easier and faster than taking out a mortgage.

Loan sizes typically range from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, while loan terms usually run from one to five years. Personal loans are generally used to consolidate debts, pay emergency bills or fund one-off expenses like holidays.

What is the average interest rate on personal loans for single parents?

Like other types of personal loans, the average interest rate for personal loans for single parents changes regularly, as lenders add, remove, and vary their loan offers. The interest rate you’ll receive may depend on a range of different factors, including your loan amount, loan term, security, income, and credit score.

How can I get a $3000 loan approved?

Responsible lenders don’t have guaranteed approval for personal loans and medium amount loans, as the lender will want to check that you can afford the loan repayments on your current income without ending up in financial hardship.

Having a good credit score can increase the likelihood of your personal loan application being approved. Bad credit borrowers who opt for a medium amount loan with no credit checks may need to prove they can afford the repayments on their current income. Centrelink payments may not count, so you should check with the lender prior to making an application.