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Sucess Stories

Ana and Marian

Owner occupiers Truganina, VIC

"When we first moved to Australia, we joined ANZ, so naturally we got a mortgage with them too. But we weren’t happy with their rising rates so I did some research and swapped to Reduce. They were very kind and helpful, and now we’re saving almost $400 a month!"

Steve and Emily

Owner occupiers Roweville, VIC

"We had been on a Westpac mortgage for 10 years when they sent us letters saying they were raising rates. We spoke to ING and they quickly got the ball rolling. I’m self-employed and even for me it was a straightforward process. Now we’re saving over $2,500 a year."


Owner Occupier & Investor Southport, QLD

"I’d been with CBA since I was a kid. One day I found a lower rate with Reduce Home Loans on a comparison site and made the switch. Reduce made it easy and straightforward, and now I’m saving almost $5,000 each year on my home and investment property."

To be eligible to participate in an Offer:
You must over the age of 18 years and ordinarily reside in Australia;
You must have a current home loan with a variable mortgage rate and you cannot be an existing customer of the Offer Supplier.
Each Offer is for a limited time only and only available if you are an eligible user.
All Offers are made by the Offer Supplier and not by RateCity. RateCity accepts no liability for the information provided by Offer Suppliers during or after the Sale.
Offers are not available for new home loans.
The Offers do not apply to a loan applicant who is not an individual (e.g. companies, trusts and partnerships).
An Offer cannot be used in conjunction with, or in addition to, other special offers, discounts or benefits offered by the Offer Supplier.
Each Offer is subject to the following rules:
An Offer opens and closes at the times and on the dates shown on the Site.
You must register your interest in an Offer by the close of Offer, after which you will have 30 days until the Offer's expiry to submit an application to the Offer Supplier.
The Offer Supplier's eligibility criteria for loan applicants will apply and your ability to take advantage of the Offer will be determined by the Offer Supplier when you make your loan application.
There is no guarantee that your loan application will be accepted if you decide to participate in an Offer. The Offer Supplier's lending criteria applies and this may include loan amount, Loan to Value ratio, serviceability, responsible lending criteria and others.
RateCity has no involvement in the loan process and you must make arrangements directly with the Offer Supplier including payment of fees and charges (if any) directly to the Offer Supplier or in relation to their services.
Calculations of potential savings if you take up an Offer are estimates only and RateCity does not warrant that the results displayed are relevant to you, or achievable in your particular circumstances. The actual amounts may be different depending on your particular requirements and circumstances, and changes in legislation etc. Data used in calculators may contain errors or omissions.
RateCity is not liable for any inability for you to access the Site during an Offer period and provides no guarantee that the Site will be accessible at all times during an Offer period.
Terms, conditions, fees, charges and eligibility criteria apply to all Offers (and are available on request by each Offer Supplier or via a link to the Offer Supplier's conditions from the Site). Offers may be removed or amended by the Offer Supplier or RateCity at any time without notice.
If you use the Switch and Save Calculator, you understand that this is for illustrative purposes only. The Switch and Save Sale calculator is designed to help you see if switching your home loan is worthwhile. It should not be relied upon as a sole source of information.
You should assess each Offer carefully and fully inform yourself of the details of the home loan and the Offer. It is your responsibility to fully inform yourself of the details of an Offer including the terms and conditions of the home loan. Fees and charges may be differ from Offer to Offer. Check the rates and fees for the loan you are considering and other product information with the Offer Supplier (including loan terms and conditions) when you apply. If you need help or professional advice on whether to switch, consult a mortgage broker or financial adviser.
You understand RateCity may receive fees or other benefits when you decide to switch your home and save by participating in an Offer during or after the Sale. For further details see RateCity's Financial Services & Credit Guide or How We Make Money.
You agree that the terms of our Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions for use of the RateCity website will apply to your participation in the Sale.