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What's the deal with term deposit blackboard specials?

Many Australians who are seeking to invest their savings consider term deposits as a secure investment option and keep a close eye on blackboard specials - but should they?

Luckiest lottery numbers revealed

Some lottery players don't wish for luck, they make their own. Yet a string of recent "lotto hackers" in North America did not use high-tech gadgetry like the kind found in Hollywood films, but a knack for spotting patterns and exploiting loopholes.

Term Deposit Best Interest

Checking Australia's term deposit best interest rates is a smart option if you are looking to safely invest your savings over the short-to-mid-term. And a great way to compare the return on various term deposits is by using RateCity's term deposit calculator.

Term Deposit Rates Best

If you want a greater degree of investment certainty, then putting your savings into high interest term deposits may be an option worth considering.

Term Deposits Best Rates

Whether you are looking to invest your savings into short or long-term term deposits use RateCity to search, compare and apply for some of term deposits best rates accounts.

How to get a head start in the property market

As lenders loosen the purse strings and house prices take a dive, first-time buyers are more likely to be able to buy than at any time since the credit crunch.

Compare Term Deposit Rates

When looking to compare term deposit rates, it is important to consider some of the highest interest term deposits online, plus the fees and conditions attached to the account.

Term Deposit Rates Compare

Term deposits are a fixed interest investment suitable for those who want to receive a safe, stable and generally, attractive return on their money.

$13 billion up for grabs

How do you lose $13 billion? Quite easily it would seem, if Australia's "lost" superannuation is anything to go by.

A great place to stash your cash

With Australians riding the share market rollercoaster in recent months, many investors have sought alternative investment options. This has seen a spike in cash investments such as term deposits, as people respond to the idea of spreading their investments into other asset classes during tough financial times.