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Credit Concierge is a specialist asset finance broker that connects you directly to fully accredited finance brokers who can arrange interest rates that are often much lower than the financiers' own advertised rates. Credit Concierge has hand-picked a network of finance experts that have access to specialised loan products and wholesale interest rates. We connect you directly with a loan expert that will negotiate and connect you with rates and loan products not found anywhere else in Australia

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Thinking about taking out a car loan with Credit Concierge? Use our car loan calculator to see how much you’d have to repay under different borrowing scenarios. You can also see how Credit Concierge car loans compare with other options.

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A bad credit car loan is a car loan for borrowers who have ‘bad credit’ or a bad credit history.

Some lenders refuse to offer bad credit car loans, because they believe there is an excessive risk that bad credit borrowers will not repay their loans. However, other lenders are willing to provide bad credit car loans.

Generally, these lenders charge higher interest rates for bad credit car loans than ‘prime’ car loans, reflecting the higher level of risk. Bad credit car loans may also have higher fees than prime car loans.

However, the big advantage of a bad credit car loan is that it allows borrowers with bad credit to access finance. Another advantage is that it could help bad credit borrowers improve their credit rating, assuming they make all their repayments on time.

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