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Bank Australia Credit Cards

Bank Australia is a financial co-operative that has served its 140,000 customers since 1957. As Australia’s first customer-owned bank, Bank Australia’s mission is to be a community and environmentally friendly financial institution.

In addition to credit cards, Bank Australia also offers its customers financial products such as bank accounts and saving accounts, term deposits, personal loans, financial planning and insurance. 

Bank Australia customers have free access to rediATMs and ATMs of major banks.

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Bank Australia offers customers a limited variety of credit cards ranging from standard to platinum credit cards.

Depending on the card chosen, customers of Bank Australia can expect interest rates to be very low to moderately high. Interest-free days also range from zero to a moderate number of days depending on the card.

Annual fees for Bank Australia credit cards vary from no fees to moderately low or moderately high depending on the card type.

All Visa credit cards from Bank Australia come with moderately low late payment fees.

Customers of Bank Australia can expect high credit card limits on all of the bank’s Visa card offerings.

Some Visa credit cards from Bank Australia do not have fees for supplementary cards, while others charge a fee for each additional card.

Bank Australia credit cards review

Bank Australia offers a range of credit card choices for customers. The standard Visa credit card with a very low interest rate could be suitable for customers who are looking to reduce unnecessary costs and aren’t looking to earn rewards for spending. Moderately low annual fees in addition to moderately low late payment fees also come with this card.

Bank Australia also offers another credit card with a moderately low interest rate and no annual fee. There aren’t any perks or rewards on this card. However, the moderate amount of interest-free days could be appealing for those who want to be able to make purchases and pay them off without accruing interest.

Bank Australia’s platinum Visa card does offers some perks and rewards such as free travel insurance and the ability to earn Qantas points. However, the moderately high interest rate and annual fee could discourage some potential customers.

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