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Northern Inland Credit Union is a member-owned mutual financial institution. Northern Inland is based in Tamworth, New South Wales, but the credit union serves customers across Australia. Northern Inland Credit Union operates three bank branches throughout New South Wales. Customers who do not live near a branch or office can contact Northern Inland Credit Union by phone or email.

To become a member of Northern Inland Credit Union, you must be an Australian resident.

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Why choose Northern Inland


  • Low interest rate option
  • Paywave and chip protection
  • Access to Visa Entertainment


  • No interest-free period on some cards
  • No frequent flyer points
  • No sign-on bonuses

Northern Inland Credit Cards

About Northern Inland Credit Union Mutual credit cards

Northern Inland Credit Union offers both low-rate and classic credit cards. Like many regional and mutual banks, it offers a smaller selection of credit cards than Australia’s big four banks. As such, Northern Inland Credit Union does not offer platinum, gold, rewards or frequent flyer credit cards.

Because Northern Inland is owned by its members rather than shareholders, it is able to focus on offering reasonable interest rates and fees rather than on profit. Northern Inland Credit Union credit card rates range from very low to moderate. In some cases, the interest rate is discounted for the first six months of card ownership.

Although Northern Inland Credit Union credit cards do not provide a rewards scheme, classic card holders do gain access to Visa Entertainment, which grants card holders free access to exclusive ticket sales, member promotions and more.

Northern Inland Credit Union credit cards review

Because Northern Inland Credit Union includes low-rate and classic cards within its offering, Northern Inland credit cards may be suited to budget card holders and everyday spenders. Northern Inland does not offer platinum, frequent flyer or rewards credit cards, which means that rewards-seekers may not find their offering suitable.

In general, Northern Inland Credit Union credit card rates are at the low end of the market. Although Northern Inland Credit Union offers very low rates on certain cards, customers should be aware that they may sacrifice an interest-free period on purchases. Northern Inland delivers interest-free periods ranging from no interest-free period to a moderate interest-free period.

Some Northern Inland Credit Union cards offer an introductory balance transfer deal, making them suited to those who have existing credit card debt they want to move to a new card.

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