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QBank is a member-owned financial institution based in Queensland. QBank was established in 1964 as the Queensland Police Credit Union. The company name was changed to QPCU Limited in 2015 before becoming QBank in 2016. QBank is headquartered in Brisbane and operates three bank branches in Queensland.

Membership for QBank is open to the employees and families of Queensland service groups, including government, police, corrective, ambulance and fire services, among others.

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About QBank credit cards

As a member-owned bank, QBank offers fewer credit card options than larger banks in Australia. Like many other mutual banks, QBank’s credit card offering focuses on delivering low rates and fees to their customers.

QBank provides its members with low-rate, no-annual-fee and classic credit cards. The QBank credit card offering does not include rewards, frequent flyer or platinum credit cards.

QBank credit card rates are typically moderately low and include a moderate number of interest-free days. Additionally, QBank offers credit cards with no annual fee, a low late payment fee, and small fees for cash advances and exceeding your credit limit.

Customers with a QBank credit card are also granted an introductory balance transfer deal that allows them to affordably transfer their existing debt to their new account.

QBank credit cards review

QBank offers classic and low-rate credit cards suitable for a range of customers, including budget card holders and everyday spenders. QBank credit cards do not earn rewards points or frequent flyer benefits, which may make them unsuitable for those in search of a rewards scheme credit card.

QBank credit card rates are typically moderately low, which may be an attractive offer to card holders who struggle to pay their debt in full each month. QBank credit cards come with a moderate number of interest-free days, allowing budget customers to manage their debt.

Like their rates, QBank credit card fees are generally on the low end of the market. QBank delivers credit cards with no annual fee and a low late payment fee. QBank credit cards also charge small fees for cash advances and credit card over-limits.

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