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How to switch energy providers if you have a smart meter

How to switch energy providers if you have a smart meter

Today, many Aussies are switching from traditional dial meters to smart meters, allowing your bills to reflect your exact usage, rather than just an estimate. Smart meters can also help you take control of your energy account by providing you details about when and how much electricity you use.

If you’re wondering, "can I swap energy suppliers with a smart meter?", then the answer is yes. Whether you have a smart gas or electricity meter or both, there should be no barriers when it comes to shifting to a new energy company. In most cases, the process will be the same as it would be for a traditional meter.

The process of switching your energy provider with a smart meter

Before you switch to a new energy company, it’s important to talk to them about your smart meter and whether they use the same technology. If they do, it should be a matter of converting your account at the end of the billing cycle and hooking up your meter to your new retailer.

Normally, the process can take anywhere between one and three months. This period will vary depending on your location, distributor, supplier and where you are in the billing cycle.

While terminating your contract with your existing energy supplier, ensure you check if you need to pay any exit fees. This is usually charged if any equipment such as a solar PV system, battery system, or digital meter was installed as part of the contract, and the contract includes a fixed tariff for the term of the agreement.

What to do once you have switched to your new energy provider

Once all the paperwork is taken care of, your new retailer will send you all the necessary details about your new offer. Next, check your first bill from your new retailer to ensure it matches what you and your retailer agreed on, including the smart meter.

If you change your mind after switching to a new supplier, you will have a ten-day cooling-off period. During this time, you can contact them and ask them to change your plan or cancel their services altogether. If you want to change your provider after this period, you will have to pay the exit fees.

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