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Everything you need to know about Electricityinabox

Everything you need to know about Electricityinabox | RateCity

In today’s fast-paced world, we want everything at our fingertips — whether it’s food from a favourite restaurant or cafe, a taxi pick up, or even powering devices at home. Electricityinabox is an electricity retailer that promises some of the fastest electricity activation with just a few clicks online. 

Electricityinabox was established in 2019 and currently operates in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and Tasmania. Electricityinabox provides convenient plans and processes through its self-service business model and also helps protect the environment, one email at a time. Its current customers also praise the customer service the company offers.

Electricityinabox is a new and emerging business built on the combined experience of individuals and organisations that have experience in the energy and retail sector. It’s a 100 per cent Aussie owned business that allows the consumer to control all their electricity needs online. It also helps companies planning to offer retail electricity by co-branding with them.

Electricityinabox billing

To understand Electricityinabox billing, first, we need to understand what makes up your electricity bill. Apart from the fixed charges, your bill is calculated by multiplying the energy consumed by the price per unit. This can vary from plan to plan, retailer to retailer and state to state. However, the benefit of signing up with Electricityinabox is that you have low rates and no hidden surprises in your bills. 

It also has plans to introduce battery solutions for solar-powered electricity soon. What does this mean for you? You get to continue living a sustainable lifestyle using Electricityinabox’s batteries. Having solar panels and a battery could also help enhance the value of your house if you’re planning to sell.

Can switching to Electricityinabox help me save money?

You should compare Electricityinabox plans with the options offered by other retailers in your area to check whether they can help you save money on your electricity bills.

Electricityinabox provides flexible options by having plans that follow a single rate tariff or a time of use tariff. The benefit of the single rate tariff is that the price plan is fixed. 

However, with energy usage becoming smarter, retail plans for electricity are leaning towards the time of use tariff model. The time of use tariff model motivates customers to change their electricity consumption patterns, which benefits them and the electricity distributors. This is done by incentivising them to shift their consumption to off-peak times. Energy producers save money on building expensive peak stations. The grids end up requiring less maintenance, consumers pay less for electricity and carbon emissions are reduced.

Electricityinabox’s plan varies from state to state. Homes in NSW can opt for a monthly billing plan with a 10-day cooling-off period, no exit fees and no extra fees for paper bills. This plan also has the benefit of a solar feed-in tariff. A solar feed-in tariff is a credit that a consumer gets for any excess electricity produced by their system, then fed back into the grid. 

Electricityinabox has also set up operations in QLD. The rates vary slightly, but the plans are smart meter compatible and have the benefit of a solar feed-in tariff. Smart meters help with conserving energy because they are intuitive.  They can receive commands, interact with the home appliances, shut down and start supply based on whether you’ve recently moved out of or moved into a house. You can also opt for a single rate but controlled load tariff model in QLD. A controlled load tariff model allows you to pay cheaper rates for appliances that draw a lot of electricity because they are switched on only during certain times of the day. 

In Victoria, Electricityinabox consumers can select a single flat rate model with the benefit of a no lock-in contract.

Electricityinabox hardship assistance

Sometimes, saving money is not an option but a necessity. Suppose you’re facing a particularly hard time due to the loss of a loved one, unemployment or reduced income and are having problems paying your bills. In that case, you can reach out to Electricityinabox. Their hardship team will try to help minimise costs and ensure that your home’s electricity supply is not affected. There is no one size fits all when it comes to solving problems arising out of hardship, and Electricityinabox recognises this. They’re happy to provide you with plans that suit your needs and even help you apply for government or non-government assistance.

How does Electricityinabox simplify life?

Electricityinabox allows you to pay via direct debit, credit card or over the phone. The default option is to receive your bill via email. But you can send them a request, and they’ll be happy to provide you with a hard copy if needed.

The real convenience you get from having Electricityinabox as your service provider is their flexible approach. If you’re unhappy with your current service provider, you can switch to Electricityinabox quickly. If you plan to move into a new house, they can schedule the electricity activation right when you move in.

If you’re eligible for concessions, you just need to add the concession details in the Electricityinabox portal, and you’re done. Electricityinabox’s customer service team is also available round the clock for payments and to address any concerns you may have. Electricityinabox is also working on plans to help you become grid-independent, meaning not relying on the larger power grid for your energy needs.

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