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What is EnergyAustralia’s Total Plan?

What is EnergyAustralia’s Total Plan?

EnergyAustralia is one of the country's top three retailers, catering to more than a million Aussies with their range of energy products. Owned by the Hong-Kong based CLP Group, EnergyAustralia generates and sells its own energy. A few of its top energy plans include Basic Home, No Frills, and Total Plan—the latter often preferred by large households. Let's look at what the EnergyAustralia Total Plan is all about.

What is EnergyAustralia’s Total Plan?

EnergyAustralia's Total Plan offers fixed rates and a guaranteed discount on your total energy bill. This discount is applicable to both your usage charges and supply charges.

The rates (usage and supply) are fixed for 12 months and the discounts offered are applicable for every energy bill you pay over the duration of the plan. Like other EnergyAustralia plans, there are no lock-in contracts or exit fees.

How much will you have to pay for EnergyAustralia’s Total Plan across cities?

If you live in the ACT, NSW, South Australia or Victoria, the plan is available for gas and electricity. If you’re living in Queensland, you can use EnergyAustralia’s Total Plan for electricity. The Total Plan prices vary depending on where you live. For instance, residents in NSW will have to pay an estimated yearly cost of roughly $1193. If you are from ACT, you may have to spend around $1529 annually. Aussies in SA will have to set aside approximately $1502 for their yearly energy bill, while those in Victoria will need around $1502.

This estimate assumes general energy usage of 5 kWh for a resident on a single rate tariff. The number will change depending on your area, electricity distributor, and overall energy consumption.

Along with the estimated energy bill per year, you might have to pay extra for the connection, late payment, reconnection, and disconnection fees.

As a sweetener, EnergyAustralia may offer a $50 credit on your first bill when you sign up.

With EnergyAustralia's Total Plan, you can pay in a number of ways, including on your credit card, by direct debit, cheque by mail or via Australia post ($1.91 payment fee). There’s alsos a customised installment plan, if you wish to pay in smaller installments.

Is EnergyAustralia's Total Plan right for you?

Ultimately, the only person who can answer that is you. The Total Plan is designed to offer its customers some stability, so they don’t have to worry about why their energy bills are so high. The fixed rates and multiple discounts of this plan may help to budget. 

To find out if this plan suits your requirements, consider your lifestyle, your household's size, the level of flexibility you need, and similar factors.

Consider visiting EnergyAustralia's website and getting a quote. If you choose to proceed, you will have to submit details such as your address or postcode, electricity and gas usage per day, NMI and MIRN numbers, and then click on "select a plan". If you are a new customer, it will take around 5 minutes to create a new account. Once that is completed, you will have to fill a form and submit it, then wait for EnergyAustralia to set up your new account. 

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