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These are the greenest energy providers in Australia

These are the greenest energy providers in Australia

There’s a new sheriff in the green energy space, with Greenpeace today revealing its 2022 Green Electricity Guide rankings of providers across Australia.

According to the 5-star ranking system, the greenest providers are those that have made “huge strides” in bringing renewable energy to the electricity system, as well as offering ways to “empower customers and local communities” to take control over their electricity generation.

The ‘big climate polluters’, however, are those that Greenpeace has noted as relying on highly polluting coal and gas for most of their electricity generation.

Throughout all of Australia, Enova Energy has come out on top as Greenpeace’s ‘greenest’ provider. This is followed by Diamond Energy and Momentum Energy.

AGL Energy was ranked the lowest in terms of the provision of green electricity, followed by Actew AGL and Powerdirect.

The top and bottom ranking green electricity providers

New South Wales

RankingGreenest providersClimate polluters
1Enova EnergyAGL Energy
2Diamond EnergyActewAGL
3Momentum EnergyPowerdirect
4Energy LocalsEnergy Australia
5Nectr EnergyOrigin Energy


RankingGreenest providersClimate polluters
1Diamond EnergyAGL Energy
2Momentum EnergyPowerdirect
3Indigo PowerEnergy Australia
4Energy LocalsOrigin Energy


RankingGreenest providersClimate polluters
1Enova EnergyAGL Energy
2Diamond EnergyPowerdirect
3Momentum EnergyEnergy Australia
4Indigo PowerOrigin Energy
5Energy LocalsSimply Energy

South Australia

RankingGreenest providersClimate polluters
1Diamond EnergyAGL Energy
2Momentum EnergyPowerdirect
3Energy LocalsEnergy Australia
4Nectr EnergyOrigin Energy

Australian Capital Territory

RankingGreenest providersClimate polluters
1Diamond EnergyActewAGL
2Energy LocalsEnergy Australia
3Amber ElectricSimply energy
4Red EnergyCommander Power and Gas
5Discover EnergyDodo Power

Source: GreenElectricityGuide.org.au

The Northern Territory had only two providers listed, both with 3 out of 5-star ratings; Jacana Energy and Rimfire Energy.

Tasmania had only six providers listed, with 4.5 stars awarded to Aurora Energy, and 2 stars awarded to 1st Energy. Western Australia had only one provider listed, with 1.5 stars awarded to Synergy.

Making sustainable choices for 2022

In releasing this guide, Greenpeace noted that Australia has the worst climate pollution from coal power generation in the world on a per capita basis. However, thanks to our wind and solar resources, we still have what it takes to become a major player in the renewable energy space globally.

If choosing greener, more renewable energy providers for your electricity is something you prioritise in your energy comparison, it may be worth considering switching to one of the top-ranking green providers.

And it’s no secret that more and more Australians are looking towards sustainable initiatives for 2022. There are a range of home improvements and modifications you could consider making this year that may further reduce your carbon footprint, including:

Solar power, including rooftop solar panels and battery storage systems

  • Rainwater tanks
  • Grey water treatment systems
  • Energy efficient white goods and appliances
  • Double glazing
  • External awnings
  • Insulation

Paying for these modifications may cost a pretty penny, depending on where you go. But thankfully more personal loan providers across Australia are supporting green initiatives through green personal loans.

A green personal loan is specifically designed to finance the purchase and/or installation of energy-efficient products, like the ones listed above. But unlike other financing options, lenders will typically offer lower interest rates to customers opting for green loans to encourage them to make environmentally friendly choices.

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