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How to save electricity at home in Australia

How to save electricity at home in Australia

Australia’s energy prices are among the world’s highest. Here are five easy ways to help you save electricity.

As Australians grapple with some of the world’s highest electricity prices and the planet faces a worsening environmental crisis, reducing electricity can offer relief to many.

Although using the latest gadgets and home comforts is fun and relaxing, it can be scary to look at the electricity bill at the end of the month or the quarter. Regardless of whether you are looking to save money on your next bill or whether you want to help tame the environmental crisis, read on for great tips to begin your journey.

Get to know your electricity bill

Did you know that you may be paying more for electricity during some hours of the day? Or that you are paying for your home to remain connected to the electricity network even if you do not use any electricity?

Getting to know your electricity bill empowers you to choose the right electricity provider and plan to suit your needs. It may seem convenient to just continue with a specific provider because that's how it's been.

We know, we’re all human! But taking that step to shopping around for the plan which best suits your current lifestyle can reduce your stress at the end of every billing cycle for many years to come. 

Avoid running appliances during peak hours

Further to the last tip, a great trick to save on electricity at home is to cultivate habits that limit the use of electrical appliances during peak hours. Maybe showering half an hour earlier each morning or doing the laundry during the night can save you from heating water during peak hours. 

Monitor your electricity consumption regularly

We cannot see the electricity we consume -  or at least we hope not to see sparks, smoke, and fires. But being out of sight, electricity is often out of mind. It’s just like using a credit card instead of cash can often result in us spending more.

A great solution to this is to monitor electricity consumption. Most customers opting for smart meters in Australia can track their electricity consumption by the hour. Also, using a meter attachment can help you track your consumption even if you don’t have a smart meter. Tracking your consumption can help you come up with very creative ways to save electricity.

Select the right water temperature while doing a load of laundry

Sure hot water may wash clothes better, but it may not always be necessary. Separating your laundry loads and doing a few loads with cold water when possible is a great way to save electricity. You can also try to air dry your clothes and linen to reduce relying on a dryer. 

Select the right climate control temperature

Heating systems and air conditioning systems are typically among the top electricity guzzlers in Australian homes. But did you know that you are not really paying for the temperature you set, but instead for the change of temperature you desire?

This means that if you set your thermostat to 18°C when it is 30°C outside, you would pay a lot more than if it was 25°C outside. Every degree different from the ambient temperature can cost you five to 10 per cent more of electricity consumption. So try to set your thermostat to lower temperatures in the winter and higher temperatures in the summer.

Although they are called climate control systems, it is much more efficient to only slightly modify the climate, not completely control the climate. 

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