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Aurora Energy energy rates

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Aurora Energy is a 100% Tasmanian-owned and operated energy retailer, providing electricity and gas to households and businesses. Established in 1998, Aurora Energy is known for its environmental interest, with sustainable products and partnerships with non-government organisations. Aurora says most of its electricity comes from renewable sources such as hydro, wind power and solar. If you're looking for energy deals in Tasmania, you may wish to know more about Aurora Energy’s rates and plans.

What you should know about Aurora Energy's plans

Aurora Energy has something in store for households, small businesses, and large companies alike. 

To find out the right plan for your needs, you can use the calculator on its website. You'll have to submit details such as your household's size, type of heating, solar panel availability and overall electricity consumption. Based on your input, you'll receive a quarterly estimate for the retailer’s Residential Peak & Off-Peak and Residential Flat-Rate plans.

1. Residential Peak & Off-Peak

The Residential Peak and Off-Peak plan charges consumers higher rates at certain (peak) times of the day and lower rates if they use their power at off-peak times. It may suit residents looking for more control over when they use their electricity. 

2. Residential Flat-Rate

The flat-rate residential product has two different tariffs—one for lights and power and one for wired in heating and electric hot water. Each one has a separate daily supply charge and amount for each kWh you use. You need to have wired-in heating and hot water set up in your house if you choose this plan.

Business plans

If you are looking for an energy plan for the office, Aurora Energy has tailored plans for small and large businesses. If your business uses less than 150MWh of electricity per annum, an annual spend under $40,000, then you can browse through their Small Business plans. You can choose from three plans: Business Time of Use, General Business, and Irrigation Time of Use. Let's look at each of these plans in detail.

1. Business Time of Use

This plan may be suited to those who use energy outside of standard working hours, trade on weekends, have equipment running 24/7, and have solar. With this plan, you can get access to cheaper rates on weekends and overnight. 

2. General Business 

With the General Business deal, your price for your power will remain the same regardless of the time you use it. So, if you have equipment operating around the clock—this may sound appealing. T

3. Irrigation Time of Use

If you own an agri-business and are irrigating crops, the Irrigation Time of Use offer is designed for your circumstances. Depending on the time of the year, the peak, off-peak and shoulder rates will vary.

4. Big Businesses

Are you running a business that uses more than 150MWh of electricity per annum? If you are, you will have to get in touch with the Aurora Energy team to get a customised quote.

What other fees does Aurora Energy charge?

Irrespective of the plan you select, you will have to pay a $5 late payment fee if you miss the due date and haven't contacted the retailer for an extension. Overdue accounts for Standard Retail Contract customers may also be charged additional interest.

Does Aurora Energy offer any concessions?

As far as the residential energy plans are concerned, eligible pensioners can take advantage of the Pensioner Rebate funded by the Tasmanian Government. Aurora Energy also offers a discount to customers using life support equipment or who require additional cooling or heating. 

How do you sign up with Aurora Energy?

For a new Aurora Energy connection, you will have to create an account. You can fill in an online form on the website, or call on 1300 132 003 between Monday and Friday, 8am - 6 pm. 

If you are looking for a business connection, fill out the online form or call 1300 132 045. Both of the forms are pretty simple; you need to provide basic details such as your contact number, email ID and identification documents.

How to pay your Aurora Energy bill

Whether you want to pay quarterly, monthly, fortnightly, or weekly, Aurora Energy has multiple payment options for you. You can choose to:

  • Pay online via your credit card
  • Use BPAY
  • Pay by mail
  • Call Australia Post on 13 18 16 and pay with your credit card
  • Take your bill to Australia Post Office
  • Use direct debit to make regular payments. 

How to cancel your Aurora Energy plan

If you want to change your plan or cancel your existing one, you have to give Aurora Energy a couple of days’ notice. You can call Aurora Energy’s phone number - 1300 132 045 - and let them know you want to disconnect. Depending on your meter and where you are in your billing cycle, you might even have to pay an additional fee for your Aurora Energy disconnection.

Should you switch to Aurora Energy?

That’s up to you and your individual circumstances - no energy company is right for everyone! Aurora Energy has several benefits, including a wide range of plans and its application Aurora+, which allows you to see how much power you're using and when. If you want to switch to renewable energy, you could look at Aurora Energy's government accredited AuroraGreen products. Don’t forget to compare plans regularly to make sure you’re still getting the best plan available on the market.

Learn more about energy

How to find cheap gas and electricity?

One of the best ways to find cheaper gas and electricity plans is to compare the plans offered by various service providers in your area. You can compare any perks or discounts available from the retailers and the standard costs and fees. You’ll also be able to calculate the estimated monthly, quarterly, and annual costs.

Be careful choosing based solely on these upfront perks or costs, however. These discounts or lower usage perks may end when the contract or benefit period expires on your current plan. When you compare online, you can often find a better plan. 

Your total energy bill includes supply and usage charges, which vary from one provider to another. You can shop around online to find a retailer that offers competitive prices on these charges and any other fees. Discounts can help reduce your bill, and it makes sense to review your bill and think about how to find cheaper gas and electric providers at least once a year.